Three driving habits to maintain the car’s manual performance

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Three driving habits to maintain the car's manual performance

Manual drivers, especially beginners, often find it difficult to know the driving habits that are detrimental to car performance, avoid these three habits.

Technological developments applied to car transmissions are growing. This could also be due to the increasingly diverse needs of society and to provide a more comfortable and safer driving experience.

Not only automatic transmission, however, there are still many motorists, especially in Indonesia, who need it and use it manual car. The reason is due to its reliability on various road terrains, its robustness in use and less maintenance.

the habit of driving a manual car maintains the performance of the engine
The habit of driving a manual car to maintain engine performance

Here are some tips or habits for drivers when driving a manual transmission car, which can be done so that components last longer, are safer, and drive more efficiently.

Asst. to service PT Suzuki Indomobil (SIS) sales chief Hariadi said that the high number of users of manual transmission cars are often found in various regions of Indonesia.

“Their habits when using them also vary. Therefore, we feel the need to share tips so that driving a car with a manual transmission can feel more comfortable, safer and more durable,” Hariadi said in his official broadcast.

Manual transmission drivers, Hariadi said, need to understand various information about driving habits that can affect performance.

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Below are some habits that may apply to drivers:

1. Move the gear lever to neutral when stopping at traffic lights

Some drivers have habits such as not shifting the gear lever to neutral (N) when stopped in a traffic jam or waiting for a light to turn red. Indeed the position of his feet is still on the clutch and brake pedals. This habit will certainly make the driver’s leg muscles tire faster.

the habit of driving a manual car maintains the performance of the engine
Put the transmission in neutral and apply the handbrake

In addition to the safety factor and avoiding driver fatigue, it can also quickly damage your car’s clutch. It is preferable for the driver to move the gear lever to the neutral position and use the handbrake when the car has been stationary for at least 2 minutes.

2. Avoid the habit of continuously holding the shift lever

This may be trivial, however, habits such as placing your hand on the gear lever while driving should be avoided. Because it will affect the driver’s alertness.

It is best for the driver to release his hands after shifting the shift lever. And he can restore the position of the hands on the steering wheel or steering wheel. In addition to the safety aspect thanks to the position of the hands on the steering wheel, it can also provide reaction speed in case of danger on the road.

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3. Depressing the clutch pedal halfway reduces clutch life

When the car is stationary on an incline, many manual car drivers depress the clutch pedal halfway. This was done to prevent the car’s position from shifting backwards.

Suzuki Ignis GL shift lever
Car manual gear lever

In fact, this habit is harmful. Because it will create excess friction on the canvas or manual car clutch disc. If the driver is in a condition that requires stopping on an incline, it is safest to use the handbrake to keep your manual car from moving backwards. Not half-pressing the clutch pedal. In this way driving becomes safer and the clutch lasts longer.

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