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JAKARTA – Hatchback type cars have their advantages over other types of vehicles.

The sedan is currently said to be one of the most popular cars. This type of car is based on a sedan, but the trunk is circumcised and becomes one with the rear passenger compartment. Like other types of cars, sedans also have advantages.

Here are some of the advantages of hatchback cars:


The dimensions are small and tiny, making this vehicle look compact. These advantages make the vehicle more agile when manoeuvring, especially on urban roads.

Not only on the road, the sedan also benefits when looking for a parking space. You don’t need a large area when looking for a parking space. At least in the house it also does not require large areas of land and takes up space.

Designs vary

The sedan has many different designs that make consumers more flexible in their choices. Some have a sporty design, others have an elegant design, still others have a calm design.

Are you looking for something unique? The sedan also has such a design. Just try to pay attention to him on the road. Are there not many different hatchback car models?

Save fuel

This type of car is fuel efficient, because the sedans have small engines, i.e. between 1,000 and 1,500 cc. And obviously, with this small cubic capacity, fuel consumption will be much more efficient than with other types of cars.

Agile and Agile

Its small size and compact body make hatchback cars more agile and agile, especially when road conditions are rough. Naturally, its agility and agility can compete with other types of cars.

Prices vary

This is also a prime hatchback car. Prices vary. From cheap to expensive there. Obviously everything seen from the brand and also from the specifications.

Choosing the best sedan

PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) was recently launched. City Hatchback RS 2021. This is a new model that replaces the Honda Jazz in Indonesia. As a newcomer to Indonesia, this machine has many advantages over others.


1. Attractive sporty design

This Honda City Hatchback is very special. Especially the Honda City Hatchback RS. It looks very sporty and also attractive. Compared to its predecessor, the Honda Jazz, the Honda City Hatchback RS looks more aggressive. Mainly due to the tapered design of the headlights.

The sporty and decisive image is also shown by the larger grille. Which is not only more aesthetic but also functional with a lighting system that relies on LEDs.

Again, compared to the Honda Jazz, this car is also longer and wider. The dimensions are 4,349 mm long and 1,748 mm wide. However, the roof is lower, which is only 1,488mm. However, compared to other sedan competitors, Honda City Hatchback RS has a large body. Thus, the cabin seems more spacious.

2. Better engine performance

Now, the Honda City Hatchback RS has the best engine performance in its class. The engine itself uses 1,500cc DOHC technology. And this section is said to have received many revisions from its predecessor, the Honda Jazz.

Honda City Hatchback RS incorporates a 4-cylinder petrol engine. What used to be SOHC has become DOHC. Thanks to him, the Honda City Hatchback RS is capable of delivering 121 HP at 4,300 rpm with a maximum torque of 145 Nm at 6,600 rpm. And the claim is that the torque and power output is the biggest among hatchback cars in Indonesia.

3. Have many main features

Besides being superior in looks and engine, the City Hatchback also has many key features. For example, Remote Engine Start. Namely a function that allows you to start the engine even when you are still outside the car. The goal is, of course, that the air conditioning can turn on first, so that when you get in, the cabin of the car is already cool. [Dew]



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