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Tips for buying a used car: Toyota Venturer Diesel Si Innovates with an adventurous spirit

Below, the team will provide advice for buying a used Toyota Venturer car, i.e. an Innova with an adventurous spirit whose price has been very stable until now…

Presence Toyota Venturer Diesel and petrol for the first time in 2017 can be defined as PT Toyota-Astra Motor’s strategy to bridge the market gap between Toyota Kijang Innova MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) and Toyota Fortuner SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle).

Indeed, when it was first launched six years ago in terms of naming, it was also unique, having only the full Toyota Venturer name, without the Kijang prefix or the Innova frills.

Toyota Venturer rear exterior
Why do we highly recommend the diesel-engined Toyota Venturer for family cars?

Even if the inscription Innova is still stamped on the trunk. It’s not hard to guess the meaning of the word Venturer. Taken from the word adventurer, i.e. adventurer. It describes the spirit that the Venturer carries, distinguishes it from the members of the Kijang Innova family.

Although in 2020, when it was undergoing a restyling, the Innova name was once again combined with the Venturer. Below, the team will provide advice for buying a used Toyota Venturer car, i.e. an Innova with an adventurous spirit whose price has been very stable until now…

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Stable selling price

One of the advantages of the Toyota Venturer, especially the diesel engine variant with the option of a 6-speed automatic transmission, is its stable selling price. Just imagine, 6 years ago it was sold for IDR 450 million, now in 2023 this car is still being offered at IDR 390 – IDR 400 million!

The combination of two big names, namely Toyota and Kijang, not only makes consumers feel calm, because the workshops are scattered everywhere as are the spare parts. but the performance factor also makes it increasingly shrewd.

Toyota Venturer accelerated performance
Toyota Venturer Diesel acceleration is measured using the Racelogic® test kit

Of course, the diesel Toyota Venturer is not the best sprinter. Based on our test results in 2017, the sprint to 100km/h takes 12.7 seconds. Surprisingly, in early February 2023 we tested the Venturer Diesel again, it was able to run 0.2 seconds faster, 12.4 seconds to be exact.

Fuel consumption is also good, in the city with an average speed of 22 km/hour which is a congested road condition and stop and go, it can reach 12.6 kilometers for each liter of Shell Diesel or PertaDex. On toll roads, even more on Friday, 18.9 km/l at an average of 90 km/hour! Is not it fantastic?

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What to look for?

But even if the Toyota Venturer diesel has superior performance, that doesn’t mean it’s a perfect car. An uncomfortable sitting position while driving for a long time should be your concern. Especially if you are into road trips. And when driving on the highway it becomes less pleasant due to the absence of the Cruise Control function.

Sitting position of the Toyota Venturer
The seating position of the Toyota Venturer Diesel is comfortable but not the best in its class

Likewise, when asking for his hand in used condition, make sure the engine is sound, the periodic service records are complete, and there are no signs of accidents or flooding. One of the simple steps to check whether or not a 2GD-FTV diesel engine is still healthy is to start the engine and then check the oil dipstick or oil fill point. Make sure there are no smoking or stupor symptoms.

Market price of used Toyota Innova Venturer

Based on the monitoring of the team on our website and around used car dealers, the diesel variant of the Toyota Venturer is still being offered at quite high prices. As mentioned above, the price ranges from Rp. 390 and Rp. 400 million depending on the actual condition of the vehicle.

For sale used Toyota Venturer
The selling price of a used Toyota Venturer Diesel is very stable

Message us before transacting, be a smart buyer. Always beware of fraud, never transfer money to the seller’s account before seeing the item in person. Prioritize PCBs! Monitor the corresponding pay. Be smart and be sure…



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