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JAKARTA – Triumph Motor Indonesia is marketing the new 2021 Bonneville in 7 different variants.

Under the auspices of PT Garda Andalan Selaras, Triumph Motor Indonesia is introducing the new 2021 Bonneville T120, the new 2021 Bonneville T120 Black, the new 2021 Bonneville T100, the new 2021 Street Twin, the new 2021 Street Scrambler, the new 2021 Bonneville Speedmaster and the new 2021 Bonneville Bober.

“This Bonneville model is a model that represents an inherited backbone of the history of Triumph motorcycles. That’s why the Bonneville family always gets updates on its features or colors, because it symbolizes the greatness of the Triumph Motorcycles name,” said Sapta Hariaji, director of sales and marketing, Triumph Motor Indonesia.

The presence of the latest generation of Triumph Bonnevilles is said to be the answer to consumers’ needs for the latest technology. But behind that, Triumph’s latest vehicles still retain the classic taste of their predecessors.

“Several new features have been added to make driving comfortable and create a new and enjoyable experience. With these various updates, we still hope that the share of this bike can be well absorbed by motorcycle enthusiasts in Indonesia,” said Yudi Yulianto, technical director of Triumph Motor Indonesia.

Triumph Bonneville 2021

The new Triumph Bonneville T120 uses a new engine that is said to be more fun to drive. Plus there’s a new twist on the wheels and brake settings that make driving more enjoyable.

The new Bonneville T100 brings a twist to the engine that can produce more horsepower and torque than before. It is also said that the weight of this bike is reduced by 4 kilograms in order to increase its agility.

The new Street Twin is now equipped with new premium features. In addition, there are new seats that make the driver more comfortable during the journey.

New Street Scrambler comes with an elegant and premium style that is its trademark. The updates to this variant are found on the left side panel which uses aluminum material.

The new Bonneville Speedmaster gets new settings so it can unleash more power and more torque. This variant is famous for its relaxed and comfortable driving position.

The new Bonneville Bobber gets an upgrade in the form of significant engine performance. Bobber appeared all in black to get the attention of his fans. [Dew]

Price list for 7 new variants of Triumph Bonneville 2021:

  • NEW BONNEVILLE T120 AND T120 BLACK Rp 430,000,000

  • NEW BONNEVILLE T100 IDR 375,000,000
  • NEW STREET TWIN IDR 345,000,000
  • NEW ROAD SCRAMBLER IDR 398,000,000



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