Useless electric car batteries? Here’s how to be efficient

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There are several ways to ensure that electric car batteries are not a waste when they are used

Every type of vehicle definitely requires a source of energy to function properly. For internal combustion engine vehicles, the energy source is, of course, fuels such as petrol or diesel. Meanwhile, for electric vehicles, the energy source comes from the battery which is responsible for driving the electric motor in the engine.

The way to make electric car batteries last longer is pretty much the same as how to save fuel in a petrol car

In order for the batteries contained in electric vehicles to be efficient, there are several ways that can be followed, also these ways to save electric vehicle batteries are more or less the same as how to save fuel in internal combustion engine vehicles. How?

Check out the following four tips for saving EV batteries so that your used EV can be cheaper and not have to be recharged too often:

1. Don’t drive too aggressively

Electric cars have one advantage that internal combustion cars don’t have, namely instantaneous torque. This instantaneous torque sometimes causes electric car drivers to drive aggressively so that electric car batteries run down faster.

Therefore, not driving too aggressively, in addition to making electric car batteries more expensive, can also lead to accidents.

2. Use the “Eco” driving mode.

Cars that are on the road lately, whether internal combustion cars or electric cars, are mostly equipped with a driving mode that can be used according to its designation.

This driving mode usually consists of a “sport” mode which makes the car reach maximum performance and an “eco” mode which limits the car’s ability to accelerate to save energy sources.

In order for electric car batteries not to be a waste, you should use the “eco” driving mode.

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3. Make sure the tire pressure is correct

Tires are an important component for a vehicle to move as it should. Air pressure in tires is something that needs to be considered in order for electric car batteries to become more efficient. Inadequate tire pressure as it should will, of course, affect the energy consumption of an electric car.

If the tire pressure is too low, the car will run heavier and lead to an increase in the consumption of the electric car’s batteries.

4. Do not drive beyond the car load

Each vehicle, of course, has a maximum load limit. This overload can force electric cars to deliver more performance in order to go well. This also directly affects the consumption of electric car batteries.

It is best not to drive an electric car beyond the maximum load limit. In addition to being more efficient on the battery, driving a car that exceeds this charge limit can have undesirable effects.


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