Virgin Galactic will conduct flight tests during the launch of the Eye Space

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US spaceflight company Virgin Galactic has announced preparations for a highly anticipated milestone as it prepares to launch its first spaceflight in nearly two years.

This crucial flight serves as Galactic Pristine Backgrounds‘ (NYSE: SPCE) final test before the company begins carrying commercial passengers, marking a significant step forward in realizing its vision for space tourism.

The mission called “Unity 25” represents the company’s fifth space voyage and is set to launch from Spaceport America in New Mexico. According reportssix Virgin Galactic personnel will travel as part of this mission for a brief trip to the far reaches of space.

Notably, VSS Unity will be piloted by Virgin Galactic’s Mike Masucci and CJ Sturckow, while carrier aircraft VMS Eve will be piloted by Jameel Janjua and Nicola Pecile. Notably, the company has 600 ticket reservations for upcoming flights, priced between $200,000 and $250,000 each.

Unlike its previous mission, which door founder Sir Richard Branson, in July 2021, Virgin Galactic said it would not publicly air the flight. Instead, the company intends to provide updates on Unity 25 progress via social media platforms.

According to the details provided, the VMS Eve carrier plane is scheduled to take off at 10 a.m. ET. This important flight will see the aircraft carry Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity spacecraft to an altitude of around 40,000ft, before releasing the rocket-powered vehicle to continue its journey.

Once released from the carrier aircraft, the VSS Unity will fire its engine, propelling itself further into the skies. The objective of this flight is to exceed an altitude of 80 kilometers, which is the internationally recognized limit of space in the United States.

At this altitude, passengers aboard the VSS Unity will experience the incredible sensation of weightlessness and gaze at Earth from the awesome perspective of space. Depending on the results and data from Unity 25, the company hopes to make its first commercial flight “at the end of June”.

By reaching the limits of space, Virgin Galactic aims to push the boundaries of what is possible and inspire generations to come. This flight represents the culmination of years of meticulous planning, technical advancements and rigorous testing.

Potential impact of Virgin Galactic flight

Virgin Galactic’s attempt to break through this barrier is both a demonstration of its technological capabilities and a step towards its ultimate goal of making space travel accessible to the general population. Lessons learned from these flights will be used to strengthen and improve systems and processes, ensuring the safety and comfort of future passengers.

Virgin Galactic’s success goes beyond tourism. The data and knowledge that will be acquired during this flight will help to advance scientific research and technology. It will provide essential information on the impacts of microgravity, the behavior of spacecraft and potential uses in various sectors.

Additionally, Virgin Galactic’s determination and dedication will be a major challenge for other companies, including SpaceX and Blue Origin which pursue similar objectives.

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