Why does LCGC fit your first car? Here are 10 reasons

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Why does LCGC fit your first car?  Here are 10 reasons

According to the Cintamobil.com team, a car that falls under the LCGC scheme is the right car to be your first car, here we summarize 10 reasons.

According to the Cintamobil.com team, the cars included in the LCGC (Low Cost Green Car) program are the right cars to be your first car. small backfire, Car LCGCit was deliberately created by the government through a special regulation in 2012-2013.

The goal is clear so that people have stronger purchasing power for cars, thus, LCGC cars was born at the end of 2013. So, here we summarize 10 reasons why it’s perfect to be your first car…

10 reasons why LCGC cars deserve to be the first car

1. Dimensions

The first car market is generally dominated by young families and young people (Gen Z). Where young families generally only own a house or rent a house (contract) with the size of a house or a not too big garage.

All new Astra Daihatsu Ayla
The compact size is beneficial for those with limited garage space

So size becomes one of the important things to consider. Low Cost Green Cars generally have dimensions of less than 4.5 meters in length and no more than 1.8 meters in width. Additionally, you can choose between 5 or 7 passengers, making the LCGC cars worthy of ownership for a first-time car buyer.

2. Fuel economy

Fuel Economy (BBM) is very important for first-time car buyers. It is understandable, young families are the same as incomes that are not yet too high, because they have to save for other needs such as buying a house or needs for their child.

Illustration of fuel content
Believe it or not, fuel consumption of Ayla 1.0 MT with Rocky 1.0T D-CVT is almost the same

Generation Z is no exception, currently occupying Class 12 slots at SMA (High School) and SMK (Vocational High School) or even just starting their first semester of college. Of course, their pocket money is limited, and a fuel-efficient car like an LCGC car is a sensible choice.

3. Fit accommodation

Small family means few family members. For example, only husband and wife means only the two of them, or who already has one or two children means at most only four people. The LCGC cabin with a capacity of 5 passengers is sufficient to meet these needs.

Honda Brio Satya trunk
Mini but maxi dimensions, the boot volume is also large

Even new LCGC cars like Honda Brio Satya Facelift and All New Astra Daihatsu Ayla now have enough luggage space to load lots of luggage including baby strollers. For small families the accommodation is sufficient, for Gen Z kids who are still alone it is definitely more than enough…

4. Economical maintenance

LCGC car maintenance is more cost-effective than other car types such as Low Multi Purpose Vehicle (LMPV) and Low Sport Utility Vehicle (LSUV). The Cintamobil.com team has proven it themselves, for a service at 160,000 kilometers, for example, it only takes Rp. 1 million (a Daihatsu Ayla X MT 2014 car).

Car Honda Brio Satya Facelift
Cost-effective maintenance is the advantage of LCGC cars

With low maintenance costs, the operating cost of LCGC cars is better than other types of cars. Especially if you buy a new condition LCGC car, there is still a free “allocation” service that saves you from having to spend money to maintain your favorite car.

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5. Good acceleration

Even though the compact size is coupled with a fuel-saving engine, surprisingly the acceleration of the LCGC car is still relatively good. For example the Honda Brio Satya, in new condition after being tested by the Cintamobil.com team with a GPS-based Racelogic instrument, the numbers from 0 to 100 km/h take only about 12 seconds.

Standard Honda Brio Satya acceleration
Who says LCGC cars don’t run fast?

This keeps you nimble when needed, even if your car is often underrated on the road. Even if you have a potential engine fault, you need to stay safe and defensive when on the road. Remember that your loved ones are waiting for you at home, the streets are not racetracks!

6. Spacious cab with compact dimensions

One of the strengths of the LCGC car designers is that the engineers were able to create a car model that is compact in external dimensions, yet still feels spacious inside the cabin. Four or even five passengers including the driver can sit comfortably in the LCGC cabin.

Rear cabin of the Honda Brio Satya
See the legroom relief in the cabin of this Honda Brio Satya

Especially if it is an LCGC such as Daihatsu Sigra and Toyota Calya, it seems that it is still enough to seat even 7 passengers. The spacious cabin with compact dimensions is also felt in all vehicles of the LCGC type except the Datsun series (Datsun GO and GO+ Bench) which are not suitable in our opinion.

7. Better than IV

This is the most important point in our opinion, to have an LCGC type car as a First Car. LCGC vehicles are far better than electric vehicles (EV) with cheaper prices too, such as the Wuling Air EV. You don’t have to worry about the distance traveled and you don’t have to be afraid when you go anywhere.

Honda Brio Satya Facelift 2023
In our opinion, LCGC cars are much more rational than buying cheap EVs like the Wuling Air EV

Of course it’s not just a trick, with a full tank in the LCGC you can explore more than 350 even if you apply Eco Driving it can penetrate 450 kilometers (km). For information, the tank capacity of an LCGC type car is 33-35 litres, which means that if the fuel consumption is 10 kilometers per litre, it can travel 330 to 350 km…

8. Features are OK

The good thing about having a modern car of the LCGC type is that the features included by the manufacturer are up to date and suit current tastes. For example, there is already a Bluetooth connection for Smartphones and also simultaneous connections such as Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™.

Honda Brio Satya 2018 head unit
The characteristics of the LCGC car are quite good, it doesn’t need much adjustment

It will be a different story if you decide to buy an old car, for example an old European car. You have to make a lot of feature changes like there is no bluetooth connection, start stop button is also not available.

9. Affordable spare parts prices

Apart from point number 7, according to the Cintamobil.com team, point number nine is the second most important part regarding the reasons for choosing an LCGC type car as the first car. For LCGC car types, the availability of parts and affordable prices compared to other models.

All new Astra Daihatsu Ayla
All New Astra Daihatsu Ayla engine is also used by Daihatsu Rocky 1.2L

Naturally, not without reason, the price of spare parts for LCGC cars is affordable, as is the availability of parts that are easy to find. Since LCGC usually uses a shared engine, for example the All New Astra Daihatsu Ayla uses the same engine as the 1.2L variant Daihatsu Rocky and Daihatsu Sigra (1000cc variant).

10. Resale Value

This is the magic of an LCGC type car, even if the purchase price is low it does not mean that in terms of resale value, that is, the resale price is no joke. An example of the former Daihatsu Ayla LCGC price is currently valued between IDR 60 and IDR 75 million for the 2014 alert.

The resale value of LCGC type cars is high

This is different from the Honda Brio Satya which has a very strong resale value, it takes Rp. 80 million to buy the Brio Satya in 2014. However, the price we have mentioned is not binding because it depends a lot on the actual condition of the vehicle you are looking for. The point is, it’s not a loss to buy an LCGC car as your first car!

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