Wuling Bingo Similar to Brio? When are you coming to Indonesia?

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A Chinese automobile company, Wuling has launched a new line of cars, called Wuling Bingo. This unique electric car is similar to Brio. Check out the following Wuling Bingo specifications.

Autos.id – A Chinese car company, Wuling has released its new car that looks like Brio. The model is called Wuling Bingo and currently this unique car is only sold in China.

Following its launch, Wuling immediately opened Bingo orders and is expected to start shipping to consumers at the end of March 2023. Bingo is available in four body colors namely white, green, black and pink.

Wuling Bingo is 3,950mm long, 1,708mm wide, 1,580mm high with a wheelbase of 2,560mm. The Bingo comes with 15-inch two-tone two-tone wheels. The back adopts a duck tail design. The oval taillights have the same X-shaped light strip as the headlights.

From the side view of this car, the A, B and C pillars are painted black, giving rise to a floating roof effect. Chrome trim strip runs along the bottom edge of the window and extends up to the C-pillar. Scratch-resistant chrome strip under the door.

wuling bingo specifications

The interior is designed by three colors with colors, namely black, white and brown. These three colors give a retro feel to this Chinese-made car. Leather materials, circular geometric designs and decorations such as chrome plating and high-gloss paint adhere to the interior.

There are 15 small storage compartments in the car for things like keys, matches, tissues, etc. The rear seats can be folded down to achieve a boot volume of 790 litres. The 10.25-inch dual dual screen is powered by Ling OS Linxi operating system. There is a two-spoke multifunction steering wheel and control buttons below the screen.

Wuling Bingo specifications

The specifications of Wuling Bingo are similar to Brio

The Bingo is powered by a single front motor, offering two power options of 30kW/110Nm and 50kW/150Nm electric motors, as well as two choices of 17.3kWh and 31.9kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. The maximum speed of Bingo is 100 km/h.

This car, practically similar to the Brio, supports three charging modes: DC charging, AC charging and household outlets. It takes only 35 minutes for a quick DC charge from 30% to 80%. However, there is no information yet whether or not Wuling Bingo will enter Indonesia.


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