Yamaha Fazzio 125 speedometer panel operation, there is a clock and battery indicator!

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Yamaha Fazzio 125 Hybrid Connected uses a speedometer where all gauges are digital, from the speedometer to the MID.

In addition to the digital speedometer, this bike also uses the Connected functionality visible on the Y-Connect application.

With Y-Connect application, users can get more comprehensive Fazzio motorcycle information data which cannot be displayed by the speedometer such as motorcycle mileage, parking location, fuel consumption, oil changes, malfunctions and more.

The gauges on the speedometer itself, according to BlogOtive, are quite comprehensive, in my opinion, quite useful gauges, such as the clock and battery status, are on this bike. The battery gauge is important because this bike has a hybrid engine and its own Smart Motor Generator (SMG) which is highly battery dependent.

Off-screen speedometer gauge

Fazzio 125 speedometer gauge
  1. High beam indicator: High beam indicator, turns blue when the light is in the high beam position.
  2. Check Engine: ECU malfunction indicator, if there is a problem with the electronic system it will flash.
  3. Sein / Hazard: Right / left / hazard turn signal, flashes if active
  4. Smart Key Indicator: Illuminates yellow if the remote key system and smart key are linked together, flashes if there is a problem/remote battery dead.
  5. Stop Start System (SSS): Indicator turns off automatically, lights green if SSS is active.

Speedometer screen indicator

Y-Connect indicator bars

Yamaha Fazzio Y-Connect speedometer
  1. Incoming call
  2. Incoming SMS
  3. App: Motorcycle connected to smartphone (Y-connect)
  4. Smartphone battery indicator

Key indicators

Fazzio 125 speedometer key gauges
  1. ECO Gauge: Gauge during economical driving (fuel saving).
  2. Speedometer: Driving speed indicator.
  3. Assist : Active hybrid engine
  4. Fuelmeter: Fuel gauge, F if it is full and E if it is finished.

Multi Information Display (MID)

  • ODO: Odometer or total vehicle mileage (cannot be reset)
  • TRIP : Trip odometer or distance measurement, for example from city A to city B (can be reset)
  • CLOCK : Hours in 12-hour format.
  • BATT: Battery or battery voltage indicator

How to reset the MID indicator by continuously pressing the button at the bottom of the screen until it returns to zero.

This is the Yamaha Fazzio Speedometer Gauge, for more comprehensive gauges that are not on this motorcycle speedometer they can be accessed via the Y-Connect app.


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