5 good car wipers and types and tips for taking care of them

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Safety and comfort while driving is the main thing. For example, when it rains, you need to turn on the car wipers so that you can see the road clearly. Windshield wipers are one car parts that it is important to care and pay attention. Not only is it useful for cleaning rainwater, but the wiper function can also be used for other things.

So what actually are car wipers and what are the best recommendations of aftermarket brands you can choose for your vehicle? Check out Moladin’s article this time to find explanations and tips on how to properly care for your windshield wipers.

What are car wipers?

what are car wipers

The function of the car wiper is to remove water that sticks to the front and rear windshield

The car wiper is part of the windshield cleaner that can clean rain water, dust, dirt, dew and other objects that interfere with your vision while driving. The location of the wipers themselves can be on the windshield and rear window.

The wiper itself is made up of several parts, including the wiper blade arm, wipers bladeswipers link, wiper motor and wiper switch. There are different types of wipers whose movement can be between 45° and 135°°.

What is the car wiper water filled with?

Car wipers are filled with fluid that can be used occasionally to clean dirt and make the windshield cleaner. Not a few people ask, what is the car wiper water filled with? Wiper water generally uses mineral water or regular tap water mixed with a special wiper soap or commonly known as wiper fluid.

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Election wiper fluid this cannot be accidental Yes. Because it’s not uncommon to use the wrong cleaning fluid on your windshield wipers, it can actually make your car’s windshield cloudy or leave marks.

Types of car wipers

types of car wipers

Flat car wipers are quite light in weight

Even though they look the same, there are actually various types of car wipers that can be tailored to your needs.

Flat wipers

The flat wiper is a type of car wiper that has a fairly low weight because it has a fairly small pad in the center. Even so, the wipers plate It has enough power to clean a car windshield. Because there is a flat iron part in the middle of the rubber component.

Standard or conventional wipers

As the name suggests, this wiper is a type that is often used in older cars. The components consist of an iron handle and a rubber frame that will remove and clean water from the windshield. Even so, the shape of the conventional wiper is considered less effective at cleaning water on the windshield because its shape cannot follow the curvature of the glass. For this reason, most recent cars do not use this type of windshield wiper anymore.

Hybrid wipers

Also, there are hybrid wipers which are a combination of two other types of wipers, namely flat wipers and conventional wipers. Hybrid wipers or hybrid wipers are for those of you who want optimal wipers as flats but in the form of conventional wipers in the form of a combination of holders and plastic brackets.

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Frameless wipers

The last type of car wiper is a frameless wiper. Frameless wipers are a type of wiper with a strong iron handle and can clean the car windshield from the inside. Unfortunately, if the rubber portion of the wiper starts to wear thin, the iron handle can damage your car’s windshield. For this reason, always inspect and perform periodic maintenance to avoid this damage.

5 best car wipers

best windshield wiper tips

There are various brands of aftermarket wipers, from Bosch to 3M

If you need recommendations for the best car wipers, you can use the following list for reference.

1. Bosch wipers

Automotive wipers belonging to the Bosch brand are available in various types, from flat blades, rear window wipers, frameless wipers, to conventional wipers. The Bosch brand is already known and widely used for its superiority. Prices for Bosch wipers start at IDR 70,000 for the rear wiper.

2. Hella wipers

For those of you looking for hybrid wipers, the Hella brand can be recommended. With an elastic frame and graphite layer, the resulting sweep is maximized but the sound generated isn’t too loud. Hella wipers have become the first lady for car enthusiasts who like hybrid type wipers.

3. RWB wipers

RWB Wiper is one of the wipers you can get at an affordable price. Even so, the quality you get is no less competitive than other wipers. These wipers are quite comfortable to use even when used for driving at high speed. Not only that, the installation of RWB wipers is also quite simple. The sound produced is not too loud and sufficient smooth.

4. Michelin wipers

Who does not know the Michelin brand. This brand, very famous for its quality, which cannot be doubted, has highly recommended wiper products. The shape of the wiper following the curve shape of the car is one of the advantages of the product that you can consider. In addition, the rubber used in the Michelin Hybrid Rainforce wiper blade makes the glass clean of dirt and water without making any noise with cleaner results.

5. 3M wipers

In addition, there is the 3M brand which also has products for car wipers and is available in various sizes. In addition, the wipers have been equipped with technology to resist UV rays and have been designed to be aerodynamic and use metallic carbon as one of their components.

The right way to take care of your car wipers

how to take care of car windshield wipers

The age of the wiper is generally 1 year of use

To last over time and not cause damage to car parts, you need to take care of your windshield wipers regularly. Follow the correct way to take care of the following wipers, Come on!

  1. Fill the wiper water immediately with the recommended fluid
  2. Replace the wipers regularly
  3. Make sure nothing is blocking the wipers
  4. Remove dirt, leaves or other objects from the rubber brushes
  5. Do not turn on the wipers too often when the glass is dry
  6. Replace the wiper rubber regularly

When to replace windshield wipers?

Windshield wipers are car parts that can be replaced if damaged. The best time to replace your wipers is from 6 months to 1 year of use. But don’t rule out if you feel the wiper rubber has hardened or cracked and even torn, it means you need to replace your wipers. Also, if there is a squeaking sound when you turn on the wipers and there are scratches from the wipers, immediately replace the wipers in the car with new wipers. So that no other damage occurs due to damaged wipers.

This is the explanation we can provide in this article. Make sure you pay your taxes on time so you don’t get fined. If you are interested in reading related articles automotive sector For others, check out the latest collection of information on the Moladin Blog. Not just how reliable used car buying and selling platform in IndonesiaMoladin also has top quality car with full guarantee. Because #MoSomethingMoladin wrote!


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