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This time around, Moladin looks at the leaked prices and specs of the latest Toyota Innova Zenix. Not without reason, this minivan named “Kijang” always gets a positive response in every generation. Zenix himself, is said to be the eighth generation of deer family and uses a hybrid engine.

Interestingly, this Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) type family car is paving ready in Indonesia. From the information we have received, it is likely that in November 2022. Sales have also leaked the price which is between Rp. 400 million and Rp. 600 million, and consumers can order the latest Innova.

So the variants are not only sold in a hybrid version. Toyota is likely to continue to sell this minivan in a conventional petrol version as well. However, the Innova diesel version that was in the old model seems to be omitted.

The closer the latest Toyota Innova is to Indonesia, as information from the Indonesian Intellectual Property Database (PDKI) also shows. It contained the name Innova Zenix requested by the Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan. Therefore, the registered registration number is IDM000980875 with registration date 29 July 2022. Also, the application number is known as DID2020040383.

Although Toyota Indonesia has not yet spoken, the presence of the Innova Zenix has actually been leaked by the Minister of Industry, Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita. “Toyota will produce 10 hybrid models including 5 Plug in Hybrid models, one of which is the national brand Kijang Hybrid (2022),” wrote Agus Gumiwang in his presentation at last year’s Investor Daily Summit.

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Oh yes, the Toyota Innova hybrid will also be marketed in Hindustan, aka India. There, the Toyota Innova Zenix name changed to Toyota Hycross, there was even a sighting that allegedly Hycross covered in camouflage stickers was conducting road tests.

So, we’re no longer curious, let’s look at the leaked prices and specs of the following Toyota Innova Zenix:

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1. Use the sunroof for the Innova Zenix V and Q

Toyota Alphard Gen 2 problem

Toyota Innova Zenix will have a sunroof

The first leaked specifications of the Toyota Innova Zenix relate to the presence of a sunroof. This is really a disadvantage of selling Innova now, even if the competition likes it Wuling Cortez And Kia Carens glass already used on the roof.

The presence of a sunroof certainly makes the Innova Zenix more competitive than rivals. From inside the cabin, passengers can also see the natural scenery more easily. In addition, the sunroof makes the interior more spacious. Information from sales, only the Innova Hybrid V and Q variants will have this feature. While the variant G, without sunroof.

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2. Ottoman captain seat more comfortable for the passenger

specifications toyota innova zenix - capitan seat pouf

Captain seat pouf so that it will be present in Innova Hybrid Q

Innova using the captain’s post could be normal. The difference is in the latest version or Zenix which uses the Ottoman type which is more comfortable for the passengers. The difference lies in the presence of a footrest which makes sitting on the seat more relaxed.

However, version post of captain This ottoman may only be present in the higher variant of the Toyota Innova Hybrid or Q. Meanwhile, the G and V variants are not available.

Another convenience feature we got from Toyota sales is the 9-inch head unit. Then there is a monitor screen on the back starting with the V variant, up to the rear power door for the Q variant.

3. More modern exterior and 18-inch wheels

Leaked specifications of Toyota Innova Zenix

Image of Innova Zenix digital design (source: Andra Febrian)

When viewed by several national and international automotive news channels, the overall appearance of the Innova Zenix is ​​still similar to the Innova Reborn. However, when viewed in detail and carefully, there are several changes that make it look more modern.

Several artists have also made digital Innova Zenix projects from various circulating leaks. From the circulating images, this minivan will have a larger grille size. There is also a Toyota logo with a touch of blue accents to emphasize it as a hybrid car.

In addition, the headlight design also looks aggressive and already uses LEDs. Similarly with the bumper, the curve of the line is simple to adapt to the design of the grille and headlights and there are LED and DRL fog lights.

For the back it looks similar to the Innova Reborn. It’s just that the lights are flatter and there’s a hybrid emblem. As for the color choices, Toyota sales have leaked, there are 5 options: White pearl, Black, Dark Steel, Gray and Silver.

Then in terms of size, it doesn’t look much different from the Toyota Innova Reborn. However, it is possible to lengthen the stride. For information, the Innova generation on sale now has dimensions of 4,735 mm in length, 1,830 mm in width, 1,795 mm in height, 2,750 mm of wheelbase and 178 mm of ground clearance.

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Meanwhile, the wheels used vary for each variant. For example, the Innova Hybrid G ​​variant uses 16-inch wheels, the V variant uses 17-inch wheels. The taller Innova or Q variant will use 18-inch wheels.

4. Using the TNGA-C Platform Platform

Toyota Innova Zenix specifications

TNGA-C platform platform

Toyota Innova Zenix is ​​also rumored to use Toyota New Global Architecture or the TNGA-C platform. This platform is the same used by Toyota Corolla Altis, Toyota C-HR, Toyota Corolla Cross and Toyota Voxy.

The advantage of the TNGA platform is that it is lighter, therefore monocoque. Consequently, when the car is invited to drive on the streets, it is more fun, because it is easy to control.

Using the TNGA-C platform on the Innova Zenix also opens up other Toyota car positions. Be it the Corolla Altis, C-HR, Corolla Cross and Voxy, all have been sold in the country but in imported versions. It is not impossible that when the Toyota Innova Zenix was produced in Indonesia, other products were also made here.

5. Front wheel drive

The automatic car broke down

Innova Zenix can use front-wheel drive

So the leaked specifications of the Toyota Innova Zenix are used that we know front wheel drive (FWD). This has actually become an open secret, because now modern Toyota cars have applied FWD, even the latest generation Avanza followed suit.

The movement of the front wheels on one side is in fact considered less suitable for smoothing the road on a slope. However, on the other hand, there are actually many advantages of FWD when applied to the Innova Zenix, such as the use of fewer components, which reduces manufacturing costs. Then the front-wheel drive is superior because it is more fuel-efficient, acceleration is more stable, to make the passenger compartment more comfortable (no axle tunnel on the floor).

6. Hybrid engines replace diesel

Leaked specifications of Toyota Innova Zenix

Innova Zenix uses a gasoline hybrid engine

The next leak in the Toyota Innova Zenix spec is from the heart of the pacemaker. This car will reportedly use a hybrid engine, isn’t that special?

As for the detailed specifications of the Toyota Innova Zenix, there is no certainty from Toyota Indonesia. However, if you look at the hybrid cars that have been marketed in Indonesia, such as the Corolla Cross to the Camry, they all use gasoline engines.

For the cubage, it is possible that the Innova Zenix uses an 1,800cc engine paired with an electric motor such as Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid, Corolla Altis Hybrid and C-HR Hybrid. Another possibility, Toyota is developing a new engine which is a 2,000cc hybrid.

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What about the hybrid diesel engine option? The chances are small, because it doesn’t exist in other Toyota cars yet, so it will be expensive to develop. Furthermore, the quality of diesel or diesel fuel circulating in Indonesia is currently not favorable. Hence, it is very likely that the Innova Zenix Hybrid will use a gasoline engine.

So another interesting thing, the diesel engine variant that was previously in the Innova may be missing. As a result, there is only one choice of petrol engines and hybrid petrol engines in the Innova Zenix.

7. Toyota Safety Sense comes to Innova Zenix

Toyota Innova Zenix specifications

Already equipped with Toyota Safey Sense functionality

Discuss the leaked specs Toyota Innova Zenix without reviewing the characteristics, obviously not fitting. This MPV car will also incorporate some modern features that already exist in the latest Toyota product line. One of its flagship features is TSS (Toyota Safey Sense).

Even more special is the TSS 3.0 or Toyota Voxy-like version that may be present in the Innova Hybrid. This technology is integrated with the Pre-Colission System (PCS), Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC) with Curve Speed ​​Reduction, Lane Tracing Assist (LTA), up to automatic high beam (AHB).

Then don’t miss it, there will be T-Intouch to fully integrate cars and smartphones. Among the uses of T Intouch, car owners can find the location machine just looking at the smartphone (find my car). There is also a feature that makes it easier to find the vehicle if it is stolen (stolen vehicle tracking).

8. Toyota Innova Zenix price

innova zenix

The latest Toyota Innova will be available in a hybrid version

Speaking of prices, the sales have also leaked the Innova Hybrid or Innova Zenix. In total there are 5 variants that will be sold. Not all of them are hybrids, but there are also those that use pure gasoline engines. Here is the Innova Zenix price list:

  • Innova G AT Petrol Rp 415 million
  • Innova G AT HV Rp 455 million
  • Innova V AT Petrol IDR 475 million
  • Innova V AT HV Rp 560 million
  • Innova Q HV Rp 625 million

How do you care? This car can already be ordered by consumers through sales. It’s just that all of this information is just a prediction. The Toyota sales tag is also non-binding. The official launch of the latest Toyota Innova itself will take place in November 2022.

Moladiners, this is the discussion on the leaked price and specs of the Toyota Innova Zenix which is expected to be launched in late 2022. Stay tuned Moladin.com for other interesting automotive information.

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