A study shows: the best charging time for electric vehicles is the day, here’s the thing!

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A study showing the best charging time for electric vehicles during the day was proposed by one of the leading universities in the United States, Stanford University.

Autos.id – Electric vehicles or electric vehicles need to be recognized as one of the most popular vehicle types in recent years. No wonder most of the world’s automotive brands are starting to compete to showcase their superior EV products. Now one of the obligations for electric cars to continue running is to charge them regularly.

But did you know that the best time to charge an electrified vehicle is not at night as many people do, but during the day.

A study shows that the best charging time for electric vehicles is the day, here are the facts!

Facts about charging electric vehicles during the day

In a study conducted by Stanford University on Thursday (9/22/2022), they found that overnight charging or what is often referred to as “off-peak hour” does not provide great savings in electricity. They say that charging electric vehicles at night will actually weigh down the electric voltage because many consider the night to be the ideal time to charge electric vehicles.

One of the authors of the study, Siobhan Powell, said that charging during the day actually gave the effect of a lower supply voltage. “Especially in the western United States, daytime charging actually places a slight burden on generation and storage capacity, which results in less energy wasted from both solar and wind power,” Powell said.

He also said that charging electric vehicles during the day is the most reasonable time with charging costs tending to be cheaper. If electric vehicle owners wait late into the night to charge, the country will have to invest more in larger and more expensive power generation devices.

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A study shows that the best charging time for electric vehicles is the day, here are the facts!

Stanford University also shows that recharging, especially after 11pm or after falling electricity rates, also makes the electricity grid unstable in one area. They take the example of the western United States such as California, which after 50% of the population has switched to electric vehicles, actually requires an energy storage of up to 5.4 gigawatts which is equivalent to 5 large nuclear reactors.

It was with this in mind that Stanford University suggested modifying the electricity pricing regime to help the power grid’s original pace. In addition, they also advise electricity suppliers to stop adding additional electricity costs to commercial and industrial customers based on usage.

This means that electricity data storage needs can be reduced from 5.4 gigawatts to 4.2 gigawatts. So for those of you electric car owners, are you among those who prefer to charge electric cars at night until they are fully charged, or do you prefer to charge electric cars during the day at SPKLU?


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