Adrianza Yunial has not befriended Dewi Fortuna

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Adrianza Yunial Toyota driver Gazoo Racing Indonesia (Agung / TGRI)
Adrianza Yunial Toyota driver Gazoo Racing Indonesia (Agung / TGRI)

ROCKMOTIVE, Yogyakarta – One of the pivotal peslaloms Toyota Gazoo Racing IndonesiaAdrianza Yunial still seems to be little friends with the Goddess Fortuna, a figure who identifies with luck.

In the opening match of the 2023 National Slalom Championship which took place on the west side of the Mandala Krida Stadium, Yogyakarta on Saturday (11/03/2023), this thin-haired peslalom appeared in an anti-climax.

In fact, during the first heat held on Saturday morning, he recorded the best time among the other riders. Adrianza Yunial, who drives the Toyota Agya GR Sport, is able to change the calendar with his results.

Adrianza Yunial is not friends with Dewi Fortuna yet
Adrianza Yunial is not yet friends with Dewi Fortuna (Adrenal Rio)

When confirmed in regards to his performance over the weekend, the father of three said he had indeed not been under the luck umbrella during the run the final.

“I was leading but it ended in disappointment, in fact I’m sure I can stay in the lead because the car’s performance is really good. But yeah, I had no luck in the first series yesterday,” Anza told ROCKOMOTIF.

As for the competition that takes place on the track, as observed by Adrianza Yunial, in yesterday’s inaugural series the battle was really hard fought, right from the start of the first heat.

This is a positive point, because each team beat their war drums to be the best. In this way, he and Toyota Gazoo Racing Indonesia (TGR), will be more serious about preparing a more adequate racing car.

Adrianza Yunial Toyota driver Gazoo Racing Indonesia (Agung / TGRI)
Adrianza Yunial Toyota driver Gazoo Racing Indonesia (Agung / TGRI)

“In my opinion, the increasingly fierce competition is really exciting, it means that our rivals are taking seriously the development of their racing cars and preparing. And this also makes TGRI and I even more serious in preparing vehicles and strategies team to be even more prepared than in the previous series,” added Adrianza Yunial, who is also a lawyer.

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He also reiterated that it really happened during yesterday’s first round because he made a mistake. Regarding the performance of the car, he praised the performance of the mechanical team who have prepared the car very well.

“As far as performance Agya The GR Sport I used yesterday was very, very good and really delicious. It’s just that in yesterday’s finals I was not lucky, because there were some mistakes, I hope my next series will be even better” said Adrianza Yunial.


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