After 2030, Mercedes-AMG will continue to produce V8 engines

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As long as there is a promising market, there is no reason for Mercedes-AMG to stop producing V8 engines even if they begin to focus on electrification. – The global automotive trend that is starting to turn towards respect for the environment has led many manufacturers to start reducing the production of large-displacement engines or to focus directly on electrified vehicles. But not with what is expected from the Performance Division of Mercedes-Benz, or AMG, which will continue to produce V8 even after 2030.

Mercedes-AMG actually claims that the large-displacement engine with the V8 still has a bright enough future, so there’s no reason to stop production.

Mercedes-AMG will not stop producing V8 engines after 2030

The future of the V8 is still good

As reported by CarSales Australia, Joerg Bartels as Mercedes-Benz Vice President for Vehicle Development said the future of V8 engines is still pretty good even after 2030. He said that although electrification would be stepped up, but with increasingly stringent emission standards, in the future the V8 engine would still be able to follow emissions regulations that are still environmentally friendly.

“Electric vehicles are currently one of the most plausible eco-friendly solutions, even for high-performance cars, although we see no reason why the V8 should be phased out, considering it can still be developed and could be made even greener. friendly, ”Bartels said. He stated that by fulfilling the correct C02 strategy, the potential of this V8 engine is basically still there as long as the demand is high.

Mercedes-Benz itself has implemented the “Ambition 2030” strategy, which basically implies that it will focus more on electrified vehicles starting from 2030. Even so, in some countries, engines such as V8, large displacement V6 will still be presented, especially in AMG sports cars that will later be designed to be able to drink ecological fuel with the concept of carbon neutrality.

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Mercedes-AMG will not stop producing V8 engines after 2030

Speaking of environmentally friendly fuel based on carbon neutrality, Mercedes-AMG still doubts the effectiveness of this fuel. While electric cars aren’t the only way to achieve carbon neutrality, AMG is still seeing how effective this fuel is in the midst of increasingly stringent emissions regulations from year to year.

Although Mercedes-AMG is starting to think about carbon neutrality with the use of eco-friendly small-displacement engines for electrified engines, Joerg Bartels said Mercedes-AMG is committed to continuing to supply V8 engines beyond 2030, as long as many consumers desire them.


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