After being exhibited, the Yamaha E01 will enter the ‘Mid Range’ segment

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After being exhibited at the IIMS Hybrid 2022 event some time ago, the Yamaha E01 is expected to enter the “mid range” segment. – It is reported that Yamaha will conduct a trial of the Yamaha E01 electric motorcycle in Indonesia this year to monitor its benefits and ensure it is suitable for the Indonesian market.

PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Mfg, represented by Antonius Widiantoro as Assistant General Manager Marketing – Public Relations, Yamaha electric motorcycles are divided into three categories:

Yamaha E01 was presented to the public.

Yamaha E01 was presented to the public. (Source:

  • short range
  • mid-range
  • long range

Where the three categories mentioned above differ based on mileage, the Yamaha E01 is included in the ‘mid range’ category because on a single charge it can cover a distance of up to 104 kilometers (under ideal conditions).

Therefore, further tests are needed to determine whether the weather, temperature and environmental conditions in Indonesia will affect the distance traveled for a single charge.

Then mentioned by various sources, Yamaha 01 has three riding modes with the following explanation:

  • Power mode: It can produce maximum power and torque, which is 8.1 kW and 30.2 Nm of torque. The speed can even reach 100 km / h.
  • Standard mode: it has a maximum power like the Power mode with torque reduced to 24.5 Nm. However, the maximum speed is equivalent to the Power mode.
  • Ecological mode: The maximum power is 5.4 kW and the torque reaches 21.4 Nm.
Yamaha E01 refill.

Yamaha E01 refill. (Source: Jawapos)

In addition to the three modes above, Yamaha 01 has a Reverse mode, in which this mode can only go 1km / h because its function is to reverse the vehicle.

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