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JAKARTA – During the Covid-19 pandemic Asuransi Astra continues to do good. This time Astra Insurance delivered scholarship donations to students of SLB B Sana Dharma, West Cilandak, South Jakarta.

The scholarship itself is worth Ro 300 million. The school is under the Sana Dharma Foundation and relies heavily on donations from outside entities to be able to meet operational needs each month, while being in high demand among the low-income community.

Students are not only from South Jakarta area, there are some students who are from Bekasi and Tangerang areas.

“Each of us has struggled with different versions during this pandemic. Mutual cooperation is the key for everyone to survive this condition. Our hearts are saddened when we learn that several children of SLB B Sana Dharma are threatened with dropping out of school due to the inability to pay for their education. We hope that, through this scholarship, school will no longer be an option for all parents of SLB B Sana Dharma students and that for the next year all parents can focus on managing their family’s economic conditions without worrying the sustainability of their children’s education,” said Rudy Chen, CEO of Astra Insurance.

Not only education scholarships worth IDR 300 million, Asuransi Astra has also donated nine laptops to support the teaching and learning process at SLB B Sana Dharma. All of this assistance was delivered directly by Rudy to the president of the Sana Dharma Foundation, Drs. Anang Suparman at the Asuransi Astra headquarters on International Sign Language Day, 23 September 2020. [Idr]

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