Baojun City Play, Suzuki Jimny Electric Mini SUV competitor from China

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Baojun City Play will be present as one of the most recent electric cars of the SGMW group (SAIC-GM-Wuling) which will be able to join the Suzuki Jimny EV, also under development. – It can be said that China in recent years is one of the countries where the development of the automotive industry has developed very rapidly. And recently, a new twist has been made by one of the brands under the auspices of SGMW or SAIC-GM-Wuling, namely Baojun, who plans to present a Mini SUV that will directly challenge one of the legendary cars, the Suzuki Jimny.

The car that will reportedly use the name Baojun City Play will also carry electric motor technology as its main guts.

This is Baojun City Play, an electric Mini SUV competitor for the Suzuki Jimny from China

Baojun City Play at a glance

As reported by Carscoops, Baojun shows a teaser showing what Baojun City Play looks like. At first glance, Baojun City Play features a mix of looks between the Suzuki Jimny and the Ford Bronco. Starting from the front, this car appears to be inspired by the Ford Bronco with 4 light clusters each on the left and right and the use of a boxed bumper like the Bronco.

Then on the side, if the front is reminiscent of a Ford Bronco, the side at a glance reminds us of the Suzuki Jimny. Starting with the Jimny-inspired fenders. Then the rear glass or the second row glass, also similar to the Jimny JB74. But the front door of this car looks similar to the latest Land Rover Defender.

Then on the back, Baojun does not clearly show what the back looks like. However, considering its boxy and Suzuki Jimny-like shape, this car may have a spare tire on the trunk door. Baojun only shows taillights with a box shape that looks inspired by the Ford Bronco.

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This is Baojun City Play, an electric Mini SUV competitor for the Suzuki Jimny from China

It is not yet known exactly which engine and powertrain will be used in Baojun City Play. However, several local Chinese media have stated that this car will use a dual electric motor with all-wheel drive. From this powertrain, 108 hp is expected to be produced, also assisted by a battery capacity of 31.9 kWh.

Another mileage prediction of this car when the battery is fully charged can reach 300km on a single charge. Although it has a boxy shape and all-wheel drive, as it uses the City Play name, many suspect that this car is intended solely for use in the city.

Baojun City Play will reportedly be unveiled soon at the Guangzhou Auto Show which takes place in November. And this car is expected to be sold to consumers in the first quarter of next year. Now what about the opportunity to enter Indonesia, this car could also be inscribed using the Wuling emblem and be an interesting choice in addition to the Air EV as a small electric car which has also received a positive response here.


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