Becoming a favorite in Yogyakarta, Fazzio’s community is growing

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After being launched in January 2022, the Fazzio Hybrid-Connected has become the favorite motorcycle of the Indonesian people. Yogyakarta is no exception, where the Blue Core Hybrid technology bike has received an enthusiastic reception. Even now, the Fazzio Owner Club Indonesia (FOCI) Yogyakarta chapter has arrived, whose members are also the first Fazzio Hybrid-Connected consumers in the region.

One of them is Farid Alfiansyah, a member of FOCI Yogyakarta who now always uses a Fazzio Hybrid-Connected motorcycle in his daily life. “After the launch I ordered the Fazzio directly from the dealership and now I use it as my daily ride to school. This bike is really the center of attention, an elegant model equipped with modern features and technology, as well as fuel economy. For young people, it is very lifestyle friendly as well as being a reliable vehicle for activities.I have also joined the FOCI community and recently welcomed the arrival of FOCI core members who were touring Yogyakarta ”, said Farid Alfiansyah, a 17-year-old high school student.

Touring Yamaha Fazzio

Farid also welcomed a number of FOCI core members who made the Road to Yogyakarta from Jakarta on 13-16 May 2022. This activity was the first tour in Yogyakarta as well as visiting the local branch of FOCI and visit different tourist attractions there. Furthermore, in collaboration with the Ammirul Ummah Foundation, the FOCI community has also donated 200 Al-Qur’ans to the Modern Assalam Islamic Boarding School in Yogyakarta and the Darussalam Islamic Boarding School in Purworejo.

“This is FOCI’s first tour in Yogyakarta, starting from Jakarta via Pantura route, then returning to Jakarta via South route. The purpose of this activity is to keep in touch with FOCI’s Yogyakarta chapter and visit tourist attractions, i.e. Malioboro, Tugu, Alun-Alun. We also donate Quran to Assalam Modern Islamic Boarding School and Darussalam Islamic Boarding School. We hope that through this activity we can strengthen kinship ties among FOCI members and also with activities that fellow Muslims can benefit from,” said Indra, Acting Chairperson of Fazzio Owner Club Indonesia (FOCI) who also took part in this activity.

The growth of FOCI has been quite rapid and there are currently 55 FOCI chapters. More information is available on Instagram @foci_fazzioownerclub_indonesia

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Yamaha Fazio

Fazzio Hybrid-Connected

Having a classy design that makes the rider look safer, the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid-Connected also has superior performance in its class so as to make the rider more comfortable while riding. Superior with the latest Blue Core hybrid technology that makes the engine more powerful, environmentally friendly and supports fuel efficiency. With the addition of electrical energy from the Electric Power Assist Start, it helps the engine increase its power during initial acceleration, especially when carrying passengers, lots of cargo and going uphill.

In addition to performance, the Fazzio Hybrid-Connected driver becomes more comfortable with a large footrest that supports a more relaxed driving position. Handling comfort is supported by the front and rear tire size 110/70 -12″ which makes the bike more stable. Fazzio Hybrid-Connected also has a large gas tank capacity of 5.1 liters to support a more enjoyable ride with a longer cruising range.

The proven benefits of Fazzio Hybrid-Connected further strengthen this product as part of Classy Yamaha. The classy design, the Blue Core Hybrid technology and the advanced features of Yamaha Motorcycle Connect which connects smartphones with Fazzio Hybrid-Connected motorcycles in real time via the Y-Connect application, should improve the lifestyle of today’s youth to still look classy when riding a motorcycle.


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