Bitcoin (BTC) price drops to 2-month low

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The Milady NFT collection jumped up to 60% following recognition by Elon Musk, which drew parallels to the Twitter owner’s past praise for dogecoin. Miladys features cartoon profile pictures with wide-eyed childish faces, one of which Musk tweeted superimposed with the words, “There’s no meme, I love you.” After the tweet, the collection ranked among the most demanded NFTs on the OpenSea market, with prices reaching $13,700 ether at a high and trading volumes over $22 million in recent years. 24 hours. Comparisons with dogecoin, however, should cause traders to be cautious. While Musk’s supposed endorsement of DOGE in the past has triggered jumps in memecoin’s price, they have often proven to be short-lived.


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