BMW is not yet interested in returning to the F1 event, that’s why!

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Although the regulations for the 2026 F1 season look promising, BMW is not interested in returning to F1 racing in the coming years. – The regulations for the F1 2026 season, considered profitable for the new manufacturers, attracted Audi and Porsche to participate in the racing event. Audi itself has confirmed that it will start participating in F1 in 2026, while Porsche is looking for new partners after the proposed collaboration with Red Bull failed. However, one of the manufacturers expected to return to the F1 event, namely BMW, is not yet interested in returning to fight in this ground jet arena.

Currently, BMW Motorsport is still focusing on the LMDh Endurance race car project which is expected to be launched in the IMSA and WEC racing events.

BMW is not yet interested in returning to F1 racing, this is why

There are still no plans to return to F1

As reported by on Monday (9/26/2022), Andreas Ross as head of BMW M Motorsport said BMW sees that it is still difficult to return to F1 in the near future. “I also think it has to be realistic, even if the latest F1 regulations in 2026 are promising, but we don’t see any long-term benefits for us,” said Ross.

Ross said BMW’s current focus on racing is also quite high. One of these is the LMDh project which uses a BMW M Hybrid V8 car that will be used in the IMSA 2023 and WEC racing events in 2024. “Our goal with this LMDh car project is to compete in the prestigious racing event of 24-hour Le Mans duration starting in 2024, “said Ross.

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He also stated that the LMDh car is very suitable for an environmentally friendly direction which can be used in the long term. “Although the F1 regulations in 2026 have begun to look at being environmentally friendly, from our point of view, the LMDh car design is currently one of the right options for applying green concepts to the racing world,” he added. Ross.

BMW is not yet interested in returning to F1 racing, this is why

So BMW M Motorsport GmbH CEO Frank van Meel said that while F1 offers better marketing value and wider reach, it’s not the main point of motorsport not just for marketing. “We want to achieve something to grow together and through a process that is also positive. That’s why the LMDh project is so much more promising than F1, “van Meel said.

BMW itself last participated in F1 races in the 2009 season. At that time, the German manufacturer collaborated with the Sauber team since 2006. Prior to joining Sauber, BMW had also collaborated with the Williams team from the mid from 2005 to 2005. The reason for the global economic crisis is one of the reasons why BMW is no longer involved in F1, the suit.


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