BMW will apply next-generation voice control technology from Amazon Alexa

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The latest generation of Amazon’s Alexa voice command technology in the latest BMW cars will make it easier for BMW car owners to use the voice command function linked to the car’s system. – Recently, one of the leading German car brands, BMW partnered with an Amazon subsidiary, Alexa. Subsequently, this collaboration between BMW and Amazon’s Alexa will work together to implement voice control technology or voice assistant on new BMW cars over the next two years.

Amazon’s Alexa will later deliver various advanced voice control technologies that will be integrated into the latest generation of BMW automotive products.

BMW will use Amazon Alexa's next-generation voice control technology

Collaboration between BMW and Alexa Amazon

As reported by Carscoops on Wednesday (28/9/2022), the collaboration between BMW and Alexa Amazon is carried out at the annual launch event of Amazon devices and services. In an official statement, Amazon said using Alexa’s voice command software will be a way to provide a new automotive experience that can be personalized, proactive, and intuitive.

Stephan Durach as BMW Senior Vive President of Development Technical Operation said this collaboration will be the start of a new technological shift around voice commands. He said that Alexa technology will provide a more natural experience in integrating voice commands that will be made easier for drivers to use and safer when used while driving on the road.

In recent years, BMW has partnered with Amazon to offer consumers a more enjoyable driving experience. “We are now even more excited to continue our collaboration with Alexa Custom Assistant voice commands,” added Amazon.

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BMW will use Amazon Alexa's next-generation voice control technology

Using this voice control technology, Amazon said Alexa Custom Assistant will make it easier for BMW car owners to create intelligent assistants that can be customized to their needs, particularly for the use of different technologies in this entertainment system. per car. In addition, the use of this technology will also minimize spelling errors in using Voice Assistant.

Alexa’s voice command technology will also increase the privacy of vehicle owners. The Alexa Custom Assistant installed on every BMW car has passed a high standard of commitment between BMW and Amazon that allows the driver to remain in control of the car.

And no less interesting, this technology from Alexa also allows the driver to know the state of the car battery charge for electric cars and to find the nearest charging station according to the customer’s needs. And last but not least, this system will also detect the maintenance time of the car which will subsequently be connected to the BMW dealer network as needed.

The plan is that Amazon’s Alexa voice command technology will begin to be applied to the latest generation of BMW cars within the next 2 years. It will be interesting to see how this advanced voice control technology can work in these new BMW cars.


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