BMW will stop production of 8 Series Coupe and Convertible, that’s why!

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The BMW 8 series will reportedly be replaced by the BMW i8 it uses thruster electricity with shape Gran Coupe. – The even-numbered BMW is a car that will appeal to avid motoring enthusiasts rather than everyday users. One of them is the BMW 8 Series which comes in the following forms: Coupe And Convertible or Cabriolet. Recently, BMW plans to stop production of the 8 Series in the next few years.

Because later BMW will present the highest-class convertible and convertible cars that use electric or EV technology.

BMW will stop production of 8 Series Coupe and Convertible, that's why!

Electric-Tech Gran Coupé

Reported by BMWBlogOver the next few years, the BMW 8 Series will morph into a fully electric car. Indeed, the electric BMW 8 series would still be nameless and will only be available in the G versionRacing Coupe or commonly referred to as Coupe 4 doors.

It has also been reported, Gran Coupe This electric BMW will use body code G77 and is expected to start production in 2026. thereafter Gran Coupe the latest electrical system which is of the same class as the current 8 Series, will be in platform the same as the BMW 7 Series and i7, namely platform CLEAR.

The CLAR platform is said to be replacing platform BMW Neue Klasse which will be discontinued in 2025. In a report by BMWBlog also stated that the BMW CLAR platform has greater flexibility for thruster and can be used more flexibly in almost all BMW models, especially electric cars.

BMW will stop production of 8 Series Coupe and Convertible, that's why!

A part from that, BMWBlog claims that the successor of the 8 series with thruster this power supply could provide even greater benefits than the current 8 Series. The current BMW 8 Series is known to have a higher production cost. With this electric technology, the production cost of the BMW 8 Series can be reduced.

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In Indonesia alone, the BMW 8 Series is still sold by the BMW Group Indonesia. There are 2 types that are presented on the BMW 8 Series in Indonesia, namely: Coupe And Gran Coupe. Both types are equipped with a 3,000cc inline 6-cylinder engine with Twin Turbo which can spit out 335 hp and 500 Nm of torque. This engine transmits power to the rear wheels via a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission.

For the BMW 8 Series variant Coupe it itself is being sold for IDR 2.8 billion Off road or nearly 3 billion IDR for the condition On the road. As for the variant Gran Coupe with a 4-door model sold for almost the same price, which is IDR 2.86 billion Off road. Good variant Coupe And Gran Coupe both come with the M Sport Pro model.


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