BMW Z4 facelift leaked to be launched

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One of the major losses of the BMW Z4 Facelift, in addition to the new color, will also come with a manual transmission in its higher engine variant, as in its sibling, the Toyota GR Supra. – The third generation BMW Z4 with body code G29 has been around since 2018. This means that in 2022 it has entered the age of 4, so it’s no surprise that the BMW Z4 will soon receive an update or a makeover. And it is proven that this car was captured on camera while being tested on the twin Toyota GR Supra convertible which was covered in camouflage stickers.

The Facelift or BMW version called Life Cycle Impulse reportedly features several changes in terms of design and engine.

Here are some leaks of the BMW Z4 Facelift to be launched

Some BMW Z4 LCI leaks

As reported by Bimmer Today, an Instagram netizen, Wilcoblok showed a car that was given a camouflage sticker that was advertised as a BMW Z4 Facelift. At first glance, when looked at in depth, it appears that there are no significant changes presented by BMW in terms of design or minor modifications.

But some aft, such as the BMW M-typical Double Kidney Grill design, which would have received minor modifications and the use of air intakes with a design that also received rather minor modifications. In addition to the use of slightly different wheels at first glance with the use of the slightly different star bars from the Pre Faclift version.

Several other reports also mention that the BMW Z4 will have a new color. This rather glossy purple color was actually used on the BMW 2 Series Coupe which makes for quite interesting color choices. And the BMW Z4 still retains the choice between Hard Top and Soft Top roofs.

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Here are some leaks of the BMW Z4 Facelift to be launched

And what is also interesting in terms of the engine and transmission. According to a report from the BMW blog, the BMW Z4 LCI will have a 6-speed manual gearbox for the M40 engine variant with a displacement of 3,000cc Twin Turbo. In addition to several options that previously existed in the Toyota GR Supra, such as the use of a more robust chassis, they will also begin to be used in the BMW Z4 LCI.

In addition to the M40 engine with a displacement of 3,000 cc, the BMW Z4 actually also has the option of a sDrive30i engine with a displacement of 2,000 cc 4-cylinder Twin Power Turbo to which an 8-speed automatic transmission from ZF is connected. It is interesting to see how the original shape of the BMW Z4 Facelift along with the engine, transmission and features will be incorporated into this twin Toyota GR Supra.


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