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GIACARTA – Federal Oil has prepared various attractive awards for its loyal customers.

Federal oil which has more than 32 years of experience in providing quality lubricants, continues to innovate in creating products that meet the needs of motorcycle users in the country.

By holding a rewards program titled Sobek with Federal Matic Prizes, users have the opportunity to get various attractive prizes. The prizes prepared include motorcycles, smartphones, shopping vouchers and many other interesting prizes.

Getting the award is quite simple, consumers just need to buy branded lubricants Federal Matic series (Federal Matic 30, 40 Ultratec matic and Y-Matic) with a promotional sign. Then tear off the label and find the unique code.

The unique code must be sent via SMS to the number 95899. The next step is to wait for a response regarding the rewards that can be obtained if you are lucky. This program is valid from 1st August to 31st December 2020. So there are still plenty of opportunities for loyal consumers to earn rewards.

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“We understand that the corona virus pandemic has greatly affected the activities of the Indonesian people. For this reason, we continue to strive to be present with innovation and optimism in providing attractive programs for consumers, as well as assisting them in carrying out their businesses in these times. difficult, ”said Sri Adinegara, General Manager of Federal Oil.

The selection of prizes is also designed according to the needs in this difficult situation, such as credit vouchers for work or school needs from home, shopping vouchers to buy basic necessities and motorcycles as vehicles to support activities.

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“This program is also a form of appreciation and education for us to regularly maintain and care for the motorcycle and to replace lubricant products with products from Federal oil”Continued Sri Adinegara.

The population growth of automatic motorcycles in Indonesia itself continues to increase every year. Especially in the midst of this pandemic, the use of private vehicles, especially automatic motorcycles, can be an alternative choice so that you can keep your distance from other people while traveling for activities.

However, the use of high frequency automatic motors must be balanced with routine engine maintenance, one of which is not delaying the change of engine lubricants. [Dew/Idr]



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