BZ4x recall completed, Toyota ready to play

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Toyota will initiate the delivery and production process for bZ4x, which was previously delayed due to the recall, and will prioritize delivery to consumers who are already on the waiting list or pivot. – Toyota was surprised by the memory of its latest electric car, the bZ4x. The problem of bolts coming off easily when going through tight turns or hard braking has gone through the recall process. After this issue is resolved, Toyota will resume production and delivery to consumers who have been delayed due to this take-back issue.

This way the rotation period or waiting time on the Toyota bZ4x that was suspended during the recall process can start working normally again.

The recall of bZ4x has been completed, Toyota is ready to resume production and delivery

Ready for production and shipping again

As reported by Automotive News Europe on Friday (7/10/2022), Toyota Executive Vice President Masahiko Maeda said Toyota will gradually resume production and delivery of the bZ4x which had been postponed due to recall issues that occurred. He said Toyota will prioritize delivery to customers who are already on hold or on the pivot list.

The return to production and delivery of the Toyota bZ4x has also been approved by the Japanese Ministry of Transport. Toyota itself has made sure that they have replaced the use of bolts and have performed the correct tightening of the bolts in accordance with the new standards that have been established.

In addition, Toyota also identified and repaired the airbag installation which was carried out according to the correct procedures. This happens because it is related to the problem of installing non-compliant bolts, this also affects the car’s airbag system, which may not work in the event of an accident.

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The recall of bZ4x has been completed, Toyota is ready to resume production and delivery

For information, Toyota had previously announced a recall of approximately 2,700 Toyota bZ4x units affected by the recall. The main cause is the problem of loose hub bolts and an increased risk of wheel skidding and a high potential for accidents. Toyota itself says that while there have been no reports of injuries or deaths, it is still carrying out a recall that is also in compliance with Japanese authorities.

A total of 2,700 Toyota bZ4x units were recalled with details of 2,200 units for the European market, 260 units for the US market, 10 for Canada and 110 for Japan. In addition to Toyota, Subaru’s sister car, the Solterra, also received the same recall with a total of 2,600 units worldwide.

In Indonesia itself, the Toyota bZ4x was even designed as the official car for the G20 summit in Bali. Later this car will be the car that will take the delegates of the participating countries to the G20 Summit. And in the future this car will be officially sold by Toyota Astra Motor, although it is not known when the exact time when this car will be able to be purchased by consumers in the country.


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