Careful! Turnaround violations on toll roads potentially subject to maximum fines

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After going viral, drivers need to be more self-aware so they don’t make random turns on the toll road. – An incident where a driver had to pay a toll up to IDR 724 thousand at Cikampek Utama 4 toll booth became a hot topic of conversation on social media some time ago. The driver is suspected to have made a U-turn on one of the toll roads.

PT Jasamarga Transjawa explained through its official statement that this action complies with applicable regulations. This was reportedly due to the fact that the driver violated the rules for using the Cikampek toll road while driving to the Cikampek Utama 2 toll booth.

Highway illustration.

Highway illustration. (Source: Pixabay)

How much is the fine for changing toll road?

Taken from various sources, it was reported that the driver transacted through Cikampek Utama 1 toll booth and exited through Cikampek Utama 2 toll booth. The transaction in question was a transaction that did not comply with the direction of travel that should have been carried out. On the same day, however, the penalties deriving from the operation were paid.

Jasamarga also explained that the fine of IDR 724 thousand which had to be paid by the driver complied with the provisions of the Government Regulation number 15 of 2005 relating to toll roads. According to this regulation, toll road users are required to pay a fine equal to twice the toll rate for the farthest distance on a section of toll road with a closed system if:

  1. You cannot show proof of entering a toll road when paying tolls, such as losing your e-Toll or using a different e-Toll when entering and exiting transactions.
  2. Show evidence of a damaged access sign when paying tolls.
  3. Unable to show proof of correct or compliant entry of direction of travel when paying tolls, including U-turn at toll road median or prior to toll payment transaction.
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The description of the rules forbids to go back on the highway.

The description of the rules forbids to go back on the highway. (Source: OLX)

A fine of IDR 724,000 is calculated based on the farthest fare from Cikampek Main Toll, Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road to Kalikangkung Toll, Batang-Semarang Toll Road, equal to IDR 352,000 x 2 = IDR 704,000, plus the Jakarta- Fare open toll road for Cikampek toll road of IDR 20,000. Therefore, the fine to be paid by the road user is 724 thousand lire.

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