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Porsche Indonesia is also celebrating 75 years of Porsche Sports Car with the theme Festival of Dreams to be held at the Porsche Center Jakarta on 22nd and 23rd July 2023. Interestingly, Porsche Indonesia also showcased several classic Porsche lineups at the event.

“Porsche Classic Day will honor our proud heritage by showcasing classic sports cars such as the Porsche 356A, 911 Targa (F11 series), 944 S, as well as 911 RS America (964)of course this can be accomplished with the support of the classic Porsche owners who support this event,” explained Porsche Indonesia General Manager Alexander Riedel on Saturday (22/7/2023).

Let’s take the example of the Porsche 944 S, it’s a car from the 80s with a rather boxy body. Last but not least, this old car has a pop-up light (it opens when it’s on and closes it when it’s off).

The presence of several iconic Porsche classic cars certainly makes visitors feel Porsche’s journey through iconic sports cars of the past. Besides that, Porsche Indonesia will also reveal a special restoration project of the first sports car offered with Triptonic automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system belonging to the Porsche 964 Carrera 2 Cabriolet.

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75th birthday party Porsche The sports cars organized by Porsche Indonesia are also enlivened by Shade of Food, a sustainable gastronomic experience inspired by the historic Porsche colour, Irish green, now available as a Paint to Sample (PTS) option.

Another PTS colour, Rivierablue, was chosen to represent the Shade of Art initiative, in which Porsche Indonesia partnered with KitaOneUS Asia, an organization representing people with special needs.

Where KitaOneUS retainers filled with young dreamers with a passion for art will be invited to showcase their dreams on canvas through live painting performances. After that, an auction will be held for this work of art, the proceeds from which will go to charity.

Discounts on spare parts and free Porsche Classic inspections

75 years of Porsche sports cars

Porsche 944

In commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Porsche Sports Car, Porsche Indonesia presents more than just a row vintage car iconic and just charity. But they also offer special programs for owners of classic Porsche cars. Among others are:

  • Free 111 point checkpoint for all Porsche classic sports cars. This exclusive promotion is valid until August 31, 2023
  • 20% discount on parts and accessories until 31 August 2023, with an additional 7.5% discount on Porsche Classic Day services and/or pre-orders placed before 23 July 2023
  • 20% discount for Porsche Lifestyle until 31 August 2023 with an additional 7.5% discount on purchases on Porsche Classic Day

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Therefore, it is hoped that owners of classic cars of the Porsche brand will be able to get the best treatment at official repair shops. As a result their vehicles can continue to be excellent even if they are no longer young.

Moladiners, this is a Porsche Sports Car 75th Anniversary review from Porsche Indonesia. Moladin.com for other interesting automotive information.


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