Check out the M20A-FXS, the engine Toyota is rumored to have incorporated into the latest Kijang Innova Hybrid

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Along with the news of the launch of the latest Kijang Innova Hybrid, there are rumors that Toyota will incorporate the M20A-FXS engine. – Following the news of the launch of the Kijang Innova Hybrid by Toyota, rumors are now spreading that the M20A-FXS engine will be the mainstay of the latest car in question.

Reported by My list of engines, the M20A-FXS engine is a new engine that belongs to the Toyota Dynamic Force family. Discussing the specs, the engine has a displacement of 1,986cc and the design has been intentionally crafted to provide thermal efficiency of up to 41%.

One of the highlights of the M20A-FXS engine is that when combined with the system hybridtherefore it can provide a much better advantage over the system hybrid with a capacity of 1,800 cc.

M20A-FXS engine.

M20A-FXS engine. (Source: MyMotorlist)

The first is in terms of weight, where the M20A-FXS is lighter than the 1,800cc hybrid, and this is achieved thanks to the support Power control unit (PCU) which is 20% smaller and 10% lighter.

Word has spread that Toyota has put the PCU on top exchange which makes the M20A-FXS hybrid system even more compact.

In addition to the presence of a PCU, the battery in the M20A-FXS engine hybrid system is also more compact but capable of charging more cells than the 1,800cc hybrid.

Another advantage of the M20A-FXS hybrid system is that this car is said to have loss of power up to 25% lower. And to reduce the loss of power, Toyota has combined the M20A-FXS hybrid system with a new engine that has a structure rolling reel.

Hybrid system with M20A-FXS engine.

Hybrid system with M20A-FXS engine. (Source: Toyota Motor Corporation)

The new engine is an electric motor that has much stronger power than the 1,800cc hybrid, reaching 80kW or 107hp and 202Nm of torque.

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With all these advantages, Toyota also claims that the M20A-FXS engine combined with the hybrid system can accelerate 18% more and also save fuel consumption by up to 9%, in accordance with JC08 standards.

Source: MyMotorlist


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