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Check out the specs of the RAV4 GR, Toyota's first PHEV sold in Indonesia

Showcasing the RAV4 GR Sport PHEV at the GJAW x Lifestyle 2023 event, Toyota plans to launch the first GR Sport plug-in hybrid EV model to retail this year

Toyota-Astra PT engine views All new RAV4 GR Sport PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) as a new member of GR Family product line at Gaikindo Jakarta Auto Week (GJAW) 2023 exhibition at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), March 10-19, 2023.

The premiere of the Toyota RAV4, which is the first GR Sport type PHEV variant in Indonesia, is in line with the ever-increasing demand for SUV models and reinforces Toyota’s commitment to present a comprehensive selection of electrified vehicles in Indonesia. Indonesia as part of efforts to create carbon neutrality.

This advanced SUV can be a mobility solution for customers with a strong adventurous and sporty spirit who want a full package of performance from the Toyota SUV model, as well as being able to satisfy an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Toyota RAV4 GR
The side of the Toyota RAV4 GR

The RAV4 type GR Sport, the PHEV variant, is not only equipped with sporty styling and advanced equipment features, but also capable of providing an improved driving experience with a suspension system tuned by GR.

PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) marketing director Anton Jimmi Suwandy said the Toyota RAV4 GR Sport PHEV was introduced to address the community’s mobility needs for more powerful performance SUVs. Not only fun to drive, but capable of offering greater freedom to the driver, as well as meeting the demands of driving on more difficult terrain.

“By adopting Plug-in Hybrid technology, through this Advance Premium SUV we not only present ever better cars, but we also want to satisfy wider mobility needs, especially those who want a vehicle capable of providing more emotions and is able to support the creating a better environment. And hopefully this year we will be able to introduce the RAV4 to the people of Indonesia,” Jimmi said.

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Brief specifications

For Indonesian customers in particular, PT TAM is presenting a top-of-the-line variant of the GR Sport model with Plug-in Hybrid technology. Toyota is looking to combine the excitement of the Gazoo Racing (GR) brand with all the benefits of an advanced, powerful and environmentally friendly PHEV. Therefore, making this car the ultimate crossover SUV that is not only fun to drive but also gives the driver more freedom for all on and off-road activities.

The Toyota RAV4 GR Sport PHEV adopts an A25A-FXS coded Hybrid Dynamic Force 2,500 cc 4-cylinder engine with VVT-ie technology intake valve and VVT-i technology exhaust valve. The power generated reaches 136 kW at 6,000 rpm and a torque of 227 Nm at 3,200 – 3,700 rpm.

Toyota RAV4 GR
PHEV Toyota RAV4 GR, ready to enliven the Indonesian market

Power is transmitted to the front wheels using a CVT transmission with smooth, responsive and efficient power distribution to save on petrol consumption. By achieving increasingly optimal thermal efficiency, this modern engine strikes the right balance between fuel economy and energy production.

This 5-seater SUV model is very responsive and able to offer 38 percent more maximum power even than the Hybrid version.

The RAV4 GR Sport PHEV is equipped with the E-Four intelligent all-wheel drive (AWD-i) system which offers better fuel economy on urban roads, quieter performance at high speeds and more useful traction on slippery roads. Thus making the engine more compact and able to reduce fuel consumption.

The system on the E-Four transmits power from the hybrid motor together with the electric motor to the front wheels and supplies power to the rear axle using an additional electric motor. The system is able to reduce energy loss, save weight and optimize all-wheel drive performance under a variety of dynamic and demanding driving conditions.

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Engine Toyota RAV4 GR
Track kitchen Toyota RAV4 GR

In addition, the RAV4 GR Sport PHEV battery also supports AC and DC charging. This flexibility provides a fast charging capability that really helps customers recharge their battery at home.

The Toyota RAV4 GR Sport PHEV is also equipped with EV mode which relies only on an electric motor to drive and is capable of a range of more than 65km (42 miles EV) on a single charge for longer journeys.

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Sports performance package

Presented not only as a powerful SUV, the Toyota RAV4 GR Sport PHEV also adopts the distinctive styling of the GR which is sporty, tough and advanced, and is equipped with advanced safety features with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) 2.0 technology on this SUV Premium to bring peace of mind to the driver as they conquer terrain on and off the road. Furthermore, these sophisticated electrified vehicles are also increasingly environmentally friendly, in line with today’s lifestyle and social trends.

Interior of the RAV4 GR
Interior of the RAV4 GR

Through the “Road train people, people make cars” philosophy developed by Toyota GAZOO Racing – Toyota’s racing division that has won multiple world championships, Toyota improves the handling of the RAV4 GR Sport PHEV by fine-tuning the suspension system. The Toyota RAV4 GR Sport PHEV seeks to offer maximum excitement to customers who have a strong adventurous spirit and are looking for sportiness when driving on the road. With a stable ride quality and precise handling, this premium SUV is able to compensate for the driver’s maneuvers from behind the wheel in a simple and fun way, but still comfortable and safe.

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PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) marketing director Fumitaka Kawashima said the company unveiled the RAV4 GR Sport PHEV to provide more mobility options. Adopting the GAZOO Racing DNA inspired by the drivers of the world, through this RAV4 PT TAM presents a sporty and resistant car, combined with suspension improvements to improve driving performance.

“Through PHEV technology, we also want to create excitement by using electrified vehicles in daily mobility. So that not only are we able to create excitement in driving, but we are also able to help reduce carbon emissions by simply using Toyota electric vehicles “, he concluded. Kawashima.

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