Custom XSR 155 “Infinite Dirtbike” Design by DM Work Motorcycle in the Yard Built Program

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The creativity of Yonatan Ricky (DM Work Motorcycle), a Solo builder, was able to produce a different custom XSR 155 design in the Yard Built program in Central Java and Jogja. He introduced the “Infinite Dirtbike” design for this modification of the XSR 155 motorcycle.

“The initial project was a motocross bike, the reference was to the motocross model of the 80s, the look of the bike was still classic but with some modern features. So it’s still connected with the XSR 155 which we want to give a retro feel but with modern features. In applying the design, there are adjustments in the tank, strengthened by the classic pattern on the rear body and front and rear fenders which show minimalistic and rounded curves. So, we have combined modern and classic models,” explained Yonatan Ricky.

He explained again, to show the distinctive touch of DM Work Motorcycle to this XSR 155 custom, it can be seen in the application of a simple model intended for daily use, which is in fact in line with the reference market of the workshop that want motorcycle for daily activities . Hence, more emphasis is placed on functionality for everyday vehicles with details taken care of on the bike but made not so prominent. The result looks like a stock bike, but has a different twist.

Yonatan Ricky, DM Work motorcycle builder

According to Yonatan Ricky, the historic XSR 155 sport motorcycle can fill the market segment that wants a motorcycle with a classic look combined with modern features. According to him, this is in line with the development of the modern era, especially the high mobility of consumers who need the support of the latest features and technology.

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