DFSK Seres SF5 considered to enter Indonesia

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DFSK Seres SF5 will lead the way in Indonesia, but it will take time
DFSK Seres SF5 will lead the way in Indonesia, but it will take time

ROCKMOTIVE, Jakarta – The presence of the DFSK Seres SF5 electric car which is often brought to Indonesian car shows from PT Sokonindo Automobilewill now officially be sold to consumers in Indonesia.

This was communicated directly by Alexander Barus, CEO of PT Sokonindo Automobile, during the Media Gathering which was held in Ancol, North Jakarta on Wednesday (14/12/2022).

In his statement, Alexander Barus explained that currently DFSK Seres SF5 has partnered with Huawei to produce electric machine intelligent.

“We have collaborated with Huawei on this machine, this is really a high-end product because it is linked to the internet system. When the door was opened, the engine was already running,” said Alexander Barus.

Meanwhile, regarding when the DFSK Seres SF5 will be officially traded for the Indonesian market, he said that this will happen in stages.

“As for when the unit will enter Indonesia, it will be in stages. For next year we start with production soaring Eso the Mini EV, E3 and DFSK Seres SF5 have a lot of considerations, including infrastructure,” he explained.

The things that are considered by PT Sokonindo Automobile to bring in this flagship are related to the technology in the country. Considering that this is a smart car that requires an internet connection, several supporting things will also be considered.

“This is all related to the communication system. Is our communication reliable to be able to drive this DFSK Seres SF5? Secondly, purchasing power. If brought now, only for a few people because the price can be more than Rp. 1.5 billion. Thirdly, our cargo capacity here for Indonesia as a main product has not been enough for now,” added Alexander Barus.

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As for his party’s willingness to sell the electric car, he went on to say that it will take at least 4 or 5 years to see the country’s economic conditions.

“When? Let’s hope that in 4-5 years, sooner and better, we can enter Indonesia, it really depends on the economic conditions of our country. Because it’s not even fair if tomorrow we take this car into a two-year recession. Because even the switching from left to right steering wheel requires a large investment. This is also true for this electric car,” he said.


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