DFSK Super Cab specifications make money for consumers

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DFSK Super Cab specifications can make consumers more profitable
DFSK Super Cab specifications can make consumers more profitable

ROCKMOTIVE, Jakarta – Through the specifications of the DFSK Super Cab offered to consumers, this is said to be able to provide more profits to companies through this commercial vehicle.

This commercial vehicle segment is one of the mainstays of automakers in the country, that’s also what makes them PT Sokonindo Automobile keep improving themselves to provide satisfactory service to their customers.

Armed with the specifications of DFSK Super Cab which have been carefully calculated, starting from vehicle size, payload, durability, to after-sales service which is very convenient, this will be felt by businessmen.

“We believe that the offered design, maximum load capacity, high durability and low cost of ownership make this light commercial vehicle capable of providing the maximum profit for the owner’s business,” said Achmad Rofiqi, Head of Marketing of PT Sokonindo Automobile, through its official statement.

As for the specifics of the DFSK Super Cab, the manufacturer has designed car with dimensions of 4,280 mm long, 1,810 mm wide and 1,890 mm high with a wheelbase of 2,750 mm. Through this support, they are believed to be able to carry more cargo to support businesses in running their business.

The high performance offered by this vehicle is provided by the reliable 1,500cc DK15 engine which produces 102 horsepower and 140Nm of torque. The Agency for Evaluation and Application of Technology (BPPT) conducted a fuel consumption test for DFSK Super Cab 1.5 petrol and the result is 13.59 kilometres/litre.

Besides that, in order to increase the consumer’s peace of mind in driving and maintain the highest quality, as well as being equipped with qualified benefits, the consumer will also have a 3-year / 120,000-kilometer warranty (whichever is reached first). and this is the longest garage for light commercial vehicles.

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