Discover the advantages of hydrogen cars, ready to be an alternative to electric cars

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Discover the advantages of hydrogen cars, ready to be an alternative to electric cars

Eco-friendly cars aren’t just electric cars, there are also superior technologies ready to be alternatives, one of which is hydrogen (fuel cell) cars.

Green cars are not only monopolized by electric cars, there are also superior technologies that are ready to be an alternative, one of them hydrogen car (fuel cells). So what are the main advantages of hydrogen cars over electric cars?

Advantages of hydrogen cars

“The advantage of fuel cells over batteries is in weight,” said Dr. Indra Chandra Setiawan, ST, MT, as Project General Manager of Toyota Daihatsu Engineering & Manufacturing (TDEM).

The man who is familiarly called Indra further explained: “So the fuel cell tank is really quite heavy, but its content is only 5-6 kilograms, right, compared to batteries, if we talk about energy density in this. right now, it could still be quite challenging, right? to be able to reduce weight, “explained Indra.

Toyota MIRAI fuel cell engine
The mileage of hydrogen cars is higher than that of electric cars

“So the range anxiety fuel cell is obviously superior to charging, right now, yes, but we don’t compare it, these are the options we provide,” said Indra.

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“And if we look at its performance, the current fuel cell, the latest generation of 2020 (Toyota Mirai) has reached 5.4 kW per liter, as well as the consumption of range which reaches 119 kilometers per kilogram,” he added. Indra.

Toyota MIRAI hydrogen tank
Imagine, 6 kilograms of hydrogen can make a car travel 850 kilometers

Basically, 1 kilogram of H2 (Hydrogen) contains an energy equivalent to 33.3 kWh, so it can also be interpreted that 1 kilogram of Hydrogen can cover a distance of 119 kilometers. Obviously, the energy density is better than the BEV, aka any electric car today.

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“But my message doesn’t really need to be compared to these two (energy sources), because there are definitely cases where the hydrogen will be more visible and there are cases where the BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) will be more visible, “said Indra.

Hydrogen car challenge

“Indeed, the task of hydrogen is how to transport it from the source to the user, if for example it is in the form of gas due to (using) pipes, it has to be re-compressed after it is ready to be used,” said this graduate at Gadjah Mada University.

“But all the same, electric cars have to be transmitted, just, through a generator, transmitted using a transformer, if you resign, there will be losses there,” said the bespectacled man who is currently on duty in Thailand.

Fuel cell hydrogen
Fuel Cell, aka hydrogen powered cars, is an environmentally friendly alternative

“So if the best scenario in an area is hydrogen, we build and use hydrogen, but if the total policy approach is BEV, we will develop BEV, so everything is complementary, so it really depends on the use case.” Indra explained at length.

And it is true that technology must be present to improve, for example, the quality of life, the mobility of people, goods, etc. “So my message is that we can develop it together, it is not necessary. Because obviously the situation and conditions are different”, concluded the man from Palembang.

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