Do you want to turn conventional cars into electric cars? Pay attention to the components that need to be replaced!

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Rising electric car sales and rising fuel prices cause people to think about changing the system over conventional cars. – In recent years, electric cars have become increasingly popular in Indonesia and there has been an increase in sales. However, the price of electric cars tends to be more expensive than conventional fuel-consuming cars.

In light of this, the government has finally allowed conventional car owners to convert their vehicles into electric cars. However, the question is: which components can be replaced?

Illustration of a conventional car engine.

Illustration of a conventional car engine. (Source: Carsome)

According to the Regulation of the Minister of Transport number PM 15 of 2022 relating to the conversion of motor vehicles other than motorcycles with petrol engine to battery electric motor vehicles, there are rules for the conversion from conventional vehicles to electric cars and they are legal for use on roads.

If we look at article 2, chapter II relating to the implementation of the conversion, it is explained that only public workshops, institutions or institutions that have obtained the approval of the minister through the Director General can carry out the conversion in question.

Furthermore, the conversion workshop can only convert a conventional car into an electric car if the owner has submitted an application. Meanwhile, Article 4, Chapter II on Conversion Management discloses which electrical components are regulated in the conversion process.

For more details, see below:

Illustration of an electric car engine.

Illustration of an electric car engine. (Source: Automotive Compass)

(1) The conversion referred to in Article 2 paragraph (1) includes the following components:

  1. Electric motor;
  2. battery;
  3. battery management system;
  4. DC voltage reducer (DC to DC converter);
  5. electric motor drive control system (controller / inverter);
  6. input for battery charging;
  7. support electrical system; And
  8. supporting component.
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(2) The battery components referred to in paragraph (1) letter b and the control system of the electric motor drive (controller / inverter) referred to in paragraph (1) letter e must be accompanied by a test report or certificate which can be in the form of Indonesian national standard or international standard. .

(3) The components referred to in paragraph (1) letter c, letter d, letter f, letter g and letter h must meet the safety requirements. (various sources)


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