Ducati offers gray E-Scrambler bikes: another lifestyle

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BOLOGNA – The Ducati e-Scrambler electric bike is now available in grey. Also in partnership with Thok Ebikes, the Italian motorcycle manufacturer is now offering new color choices for consumers.

With the presence of this new electric bicycle color, it is implied that Ducati is starting to get excited about it his new toy.

Taking advantage of the moment of the Italian Bike Festival, Ducati presents its new product. A bicycle that has an electric motor and generates energy via a battery is a means of transport that is worth trying.

Like the previous edition, the e-Scrambler is designed for riding in densely populated cities, but it’s still fun to be invited to ride in zones. In support of the above, some of its components are high quality products.

This electric bike features an aluminum frame, a 250 Shimano Steps E7000 electric motor, a 504Wh battery and Pirelli tires. Cycl-e GT tyres. This product was specially created to be able to travel long distances comfortably.

Ducati e-Scrambler

For added comfort, the shifting uses Sram’s trademark NX 11-speed and Sram 4-piston brakes. As previously mentioned, this vehicle it can be used in two ways, namely crowded urban streets and can still be asked to travel on dirt roads.

Therefore, the manufacturer has made luggage racks, fenders, kickstands and signal lights as options. An additional level of comfort is provided by the telescopic seat post. This touch is very easy to use and safe too

The gray Ducati e-Scrambler is marketed at IDR 65 million. This color choice clearly has a price difference from the previous model which has a yellow color and is priced at IDR 62 million. [Dew/Idr]

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