Five things to look for before buying an electric car

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The development of electric cars is growing rapidly, but there are suggestions before buying these vehicles without fuel. – In Indonesia, the development of electric cars is improving because it sells not only sedans, but also MPVs, SUVs and city cars. Usually, price is the main factor when choosing an electric car. But is that really the only thing to watch out for?

Quoted from the official website of Wuling Indonesia, buying an electric car is very different from buying a conventional car, so there are 5 important things to consider.


Before buying an electric car, you need to pay attention to the battery capacity because it is a source of energy to drive the engine. Each electric car model usually has a different battery capacity and mileage, so this needs to be considered as it is used as needed.

If you are going to use an electric car for long distances, you obviously need to choose one with a larger battery capacity.

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Always linked to the power supply of electric cars, attention must also be paid to the availability of electric charging stations. This is because a number of types of electric cars have to recharge in a special place so that the voltage generated is what is needed.

Therefore, you need to find out what kind of electric car has a charging station located close enough to your daily activities.

Electric car charging illustration.

Electric car charging illustration. (Source: sound)


Warranty is an important thing when buying an electric car and it definitely needs to be considered. So you also need to know the battery warranty period because every electric car has a different warranty period.

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Another reason why it is worth paying attention is in the event that if the battery of the electric car has a problem and the warranty period is still valid, it is possible to file a claim.


It is not uncommon to have a vehicle but also to have insurance, but it is important to know that electric vehicle insurance is larger than conventional vehicles.

The reason is that the cost of damage to electric cars is usually higher and therefore you need to pay attention to insurance before buying an electric car.

A number of electric cars circulating in Indonesia.

A number of electric cars circulating in Indonesia. (Source: Liputan6)


The last tip before buying an electric car is that you need to make sure it meets your needs, for example with regards to model, speed, battery capacity and of course the price.

If you are still a beginner, you shouldn’t choose an expensive, high specification electric car.


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