For the development of hydrogen technology, Kawasaki willing to cooperate with Toyota

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Kawasaki said it has partnered with Toyota to develop hydrogen power. – Kawasaki has officially announced a partnership with one of the world’s largest manufacturers, Toyota, which focuses on hydrogen energy development and infrastructure. The agreement between Kawasaki and Toyota concerns a hydrogen engine intended for use by future generations of motorcycles.

In the deal that has been made, it appears Kawasaki is benefiting enough from Toyota’s offer because the Japanese automaker is very serious about developing hydrogen technology.

Kawasaki motorcycle.

Kawasaki motorcycle. (Source:

It was previously known that the Toyota Mirai was launched by Toyota a few years ago, where the car has the world’s first special hydrogen fuel cell and even has a sales figure of up to 2,600 units.

The agreement between the two also took place in early September, when Toyota president Akio Toyoda fielded a Kawasaki hydrogen-powered ATV on the Motegi circuit.

Quoted by Visordown, Akio Toyoda said there must be various options to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. And he also expects government support for innovations being developed rather than blocked by regulations.

Toyota office.

Toyota office. (Source:

Then it was also revealed why Kawasaki partnered with Toyota to develop hydrogen technology, i.e. why Toyota was one step ahead of other manufacturers. Additionally, Kawasaki is also starting to focus on the development of electric and hybrid vehicles.

According to various reports in circulation, Kawasaki wants to eliminate the use of fuel by focusing on 2035 in each of its productions.


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