Ford Fiesta will stop production in mid-2023

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Sales continue to decline and the trend in electric cars continues to rise, prompting Ford to discontinue production of the Fiesta starting in June 2023. – Speaking of the Ford Fiesta, it could be said that this is one of those cars subcompact sedan competitors from several Japanese brands such as Honda Jazz and Toyota Yaris. In Indonesia, the Ford Fiesta is also one of Ford’s sales backbones as it continues to sell in Indonesia. And in mid-2023, one of Ford’s most popular cars will be discontinued in June 2023.

The location of the Ford Fiesta will reportedly be replaced by a metering electric car utilitarian which will be Ford’s last big goal.

Ford Fiesta will stop production in mid-2023

Replaced with electric cars

Adapted from Automatic espresso Thursday (10/27/2022), the seventh generation Ford Fiesta is still the most popular car on the European continent. However, in connection with the environmentally friendly automotive regulations that are increasingly stringent there, Ford has stopped production of the Ford Fiesta.

Ford’s focus on being more aggressive and serious with electric cars is one of the strong reasons it stops production of the Fiesta. Ford said, although the Fiesta is selling well, it is difficult to cover the production cost of this car which is large enough. Furthermore, the rapidly growing trend of SUVs and crossovers is also another reason for the discontinuation of production of the Fiesta.

In addition to the Fiesta, Ford has actually planned to discontinue production of some of its cars, such as the S-Max and Galaxy, which will be discontinued in April 2023. Unlike the Fiesta, which is assembled in Germany, the S-Max and the Galaxy are assembled in Valencia, Spain.

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Ford Fiesta will stop production in mid-2023

The Ford Fiesta itself in recent years has become one of the best-selling cars in Europe. Fiesta also sold up to 5 million units annually on the Blue Continent. Fiesta also frequently tops the annual rankings of the Society of Engine Builders and Dealers. However, in the last 2 years it has undergone a downward trend so that production must be stopped in June 2023.

Ford’s commitment to electrification isn’t kidding either. They target everything align they are electric cars in 2030. For example, like the Ford Puma which is one of the 3 leading electric car products that will collaborate with Volkswagen through the MEB platform which will be launched in the near future.


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