[Foto] Leaks all new Avanza Veloz Black type Q 2022 interior-exterior, upgrade features

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BLOGOTIVE.COM – It is no longer a secret, the leaks of the All New Avanza Veloz type Q have already spread in cyberspace. In this article, I will invite my readers to explore the characteristics of the photos that have been circulating.

The LMPV cars that have been produced since 2003 managed to capture the market until recently faded as Toyota seems to play it safe and update minor facelifts since the Grand Avanza generation was launched in 2015.

The Mitsubishi Xpander, which has a cool and attractive design, entered in 2017, eroding the market, plus the new Ertiga in 2018 which also revived the market, making the sales of boards even weaker.

This year Avanza will finally arrive with something new… what is it?

Toyota Avanza Veloz Q 2022 onwards
  • The LED headlight is like the reduced Grand Avanza model
  • The bottom light bar looks like a DRL light, the turn signal is placed on the outside
  • Enlarged grille
Front interior of Avanza 2022
  • There is a twitter on pillar A
  • Lucky beef
  • Vertical Head Unit as Raize
  • Engine Start Stop from right moved to centre
  • Electric parking brake, no more handbrake lever
  • Is there a mobile phone pad in front of the console box, wireless charging?
  • Digital AC button
  • Does the transmission look new, conventional Matic to CVT?
  • There is a mood light in the center panel in blue
  • There is a power outlet/USB charger on the left side for first row passengers
Advance 2022 second row interior
  • Huge floating entertainment screen
  • Second row seat 60:40
  • There is a hand rest in the middle along with the traction lever
  • There is a power socket/USB charger for second row passengers
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Veloz is a bit different from Avanza, but the basic design is the same as Papansa… it could be a reference for what Avanza 2022 will be like.

All new Avanza Veloz Q 2022
  • After filling the fuel tank, move left to Innova
  • Large 17-inch wheels equivalent to the Venturer
  • Rear brake Disc / disc brake

There is a possibility that Avanza and Veloz will also change the all-wheel drive system from the initial RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) to be replaced by front wheels (FWD) considering that FWD is lower cost to production cost and also more efficient, reducing weight which will ultimately affect fuel consumption, although the front-wheel drive system has weaknesses on grades.

Toyota Avanza Veloz Q 2022
  • LED rear lights
  • Parallel direction indicators and reverse lights
  • Shark fin antenna

The spreading Toyota Veloz is the Q type, which means the highest type. It appears that the Toyota Avanza and Veloz will also have Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) variants including Pre-Collision System (PCS), Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC), Lane Departure Alert (LDA) and Automatic High Beam (AHB).


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