Gesits Raya E electric motorcycle for sale Rp. 24.9 million at ENP 2023

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agile raya and pevs 2023

ROCKMOTIVE, Jakarta – Event Periklindo Electric Vehicle Show (PEVS) 2023 is a time for PT. WIKA Manufaktur Industry (WIMA) to present the latest electric motorcycles, Gesits Raya E. This electric motorbike is priced at IDR 24,990,000 (on street in Jakarta).

The latest Gesits Raya E electric motorcycle has a more manly look with a complete set of improved safety and security features.

WIMA supplies two colors, red and matte black for Gesits Raya E which are equipped with LED lights.

agile raya and pevs 2023

“The PEVS event is a prestigious exhibition of electric vehicles, not only as a promotional platform. However, it can also help to socialize the use of electric motors and provide education to the public about electric vehicles and can make the automotive sector contribute and reduce the use of carbon emissions,” said the director of the president of WIMA, Bernardi Djumiril.

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Gesits Raya E is designed to provide a comfortable and environmentally friendly driving experience. Equipped with a 1500W electric motor, this model offers the same performance as the Raya type G and a top speed of 70km/h.

So for the battery capacity of 72V15Ah with a distance of 40km with 1 fully charged battery.

The eco-scooter’s body design is sharp and eye-catching, complete with LED technology lights on all sides.

agile raya and pevs 2023

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On the steering wheel are the bare handlebars with no body cover making for an adventurous look. Also at its heart is a digital panel meter with a newer design.

PEVS 2023 visitors who are curious about Gesits latest bike can experience its performance firsthand on the PEVS 2023 test area.

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