GMG Double Eight presents the Toyota Hilux modification package with Toyota Tundra Style

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The changes made by GMG Double Eight for the Toyota Hilux focus on the exterior reminiscent of this car’s sister in America, the Toyota Tundra. – In the Southeast Asian market, including Indonesia, the only double cabin car presented by Toyota is the Hilux. At yesterday’s GIIAS 2022 event, Toyota Astra Motor unveiled the latest GR Sport variant on this Hilux. But did you know that the Toyota Hilux has a variety of modification options that can make this double cabin look as unique as the Toyota Tundra in America?

One of them is presented by GMG Double Eight which features a Toyota Hilux modification package that makes it similar to the first-class double cabin in America, namely the Toyota Tundra.

GMG Double Eight presents the Toyota Hilux modification package with Toyota Tundra Style

Toyota Hilux Tundra Flavored Modification Package

As reported by Carscoops on Saturday (9/10/2022), GMG Double Eight features several modified accessory parts that make your Toyota Hilux feel like the Toyota Tundra in America. Some parts include the use of a Tundra-style grille that is much larger and squat. On this large grille, there is a very large “TOYOTA” lettering complete with a black skid plate on the grille.

The next part of the change is the vertical ventilation under the lights which is more or less similar to the Tundar. Despite the vertical air intakes under the car’s headlights, the headlight assembly still retains the standard model of the car. In addition to reinforcing the macho impression, there is also an additional Air Scoop or intercooler vent hole on the hood to further reinforce the macho and gahar impression.

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GMG Double Eight presents the Toyota Hilux modification package with Toyota Tundra Style

On the tailgate, the GMG Double Eight also offers an additional option for the tailgate cover that can also be found on the Toyota Tundra. And not to be missed on the side are additional fenders all over the outside of the wheel to reinforce the gaharnya impression. The rest, whether it is the interior, the engine or the transmission, does not undergo any changes or still maintains the factory settings.

Now, for those of you who might be interested in trying the Toyota Hilux modification package with GMG Double Eight’s Toyota Tundra styling, the total cost is around 388,000 Yen or the equivalent of Rp 40 million. This price does not include painting, installation, taxes and shipping costs. For those of you Toyota Hilux owners, are you interested in making changes to the Toyota Tundra style from GMG Double Eight?


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