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Below, we will look at the prices of Honda cars in July 2023. Of all the product lines sold, the lowest price is held by Brio Satya S MT at IDR 165.9 million (OTR Jakarta).

Honda Brio is the second generation of the restyling, but the lowest variant. Only a manual transmission is available in this Satya S variant, no CVT.

Another differentiator on the exterior that is more visible is the use of 14-inch cast wheels. Then there is no rear wiper, the lights are still bulbs and do not have daytime running lights (DRL).

enter, Brio Satya MT 2023 still using a 2 din head unit aka not a touch screen. Then the cabin color is gray.

Even so, the cheaper variant of the Honda Brio engine is no different. It uses the 1.2-litre, four-cylinder i-VTEC cubicle. The mechanical heart is said to be capable of catapulting a maximum torque of 110Nm at 4,800rpm and a maximum power output of 90bhp at 6,000rpm.

After knowing the specifications of the Brio Satya S MT, are you interested in getting one? Or do you still want to compare with other Honda cars? Here we detail the prices of Honda cars for July 2023:

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Honda car price list for July 2023

Honda car prices in July 2023

Honda car prices in July 2023

Prices for Honda cars in July 2023 which we will inform you about apply OTR for DKI Jakarta area. Here is the list:

Honda Furniture

  • Furniture S MT: IDR 235.9 million

Honda Brio

  • panache Satya S MT: IDR 165.9 million
  • Brio Satya E MT: IDR 180.6 million
  • Brio Satya E CVT: IDR 193.9 million
  • Brio RS MT: IDR 236.4 million
  • CVT RS Brio: IDR 246.4 million

Honda BR-V

  • BR-V S MT: IDR 288.8 million
  • BR-V AND MT: IDR 303 million
  • BR-V & CVT: IDR 313 million
  • BR-V Prestige CVT: IDR 336 million
  • BR-V Prestige CVT HS: IDR 356 million

Honda CR-V

  • CR-V 2.0L: IDR 525.3 million
  • CR-V 1.5L Turbo: IDR 606.3 million
  • CR-V 1.5-litre Turbo Prestige: IDR 669.6 million
  • CR-V 1.5L Black Edition: IDR 684.6 million

Honda HR-V

  • HR-V S CVT: IDR 375.9 million
  • HR-V & CVT: IDR 395.9 million
  • HR-V & CVT SE: IDR 416.1 million
  • HR-V Turbo RS: IDR 529.9 million

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Honda City Sedan RS

  • City Hatchback RS MT: 344.6 million
  • City Hatchback RS CVT: IDR 354.6 million
  • City Hatchback RS CVT with Honda Sensing: IDR 374.6 million

Honda city

  • City E CVT: IDR 373.9 million

Honda WR-V

  • WR-V 1.5 E MT: IDR 269.9 million
  • WR-V 1.5 E CVT: IDR 279.9 million
  • WR-V 1.5 RS: IDR 297.9 million
  • WR-V 1.5 RS with Honda Sensing: IDR 317.9 million

Honda Civic

  • 1.5L RS Civic Sedan: IDR 606.4 million
  • Civic R type: IDR 1.399 billion

Honda Accords

  • All new Accord 1.5L Turbo: IDR 787.3 million

Moladiner, This is a review of Honda car prices in July 2023. These prices apply OTR for DKI Jakarta area and first ownership of the car. Stay tuned for other interesting automotive information.


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