Honda Prologue Honda’s first electric SUV is finally officially launched

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This Honda Prologue will be the first product in collaboration with Chevrolet that uses various platforms and technologies. – After being introduced in the concept version, Honda’s first technological SUV, the Prologue, has finally been officially presented to the public. The electric SUV, which is a collaboration between Honda and General Motors (GM), is expected to be sold to the public in 2024 as a serious step forward for Honda in developing environmentally friendly electric cars.

The Honda Prologue itself is a twin of the Chevrolet Blazer EV which goes on sale for the first time in the North American market.

Honda Prologue Honda's first electric SUV is finally officially launched

Sharing of technology with General Motors

As reported by Carscoops on Thursday (6/10/2022), Porologue is one of the Honda projects in 2023 that will really focus on SUVs as well as of course the electrification market. The Honda Prologue itself is built using the Ultium platform which uses a General Motors technology base.

Honda and General Motors said this platform design that eventually became the basis for Honda Prologue and its twin, Chevrolet Blazer EV, was the first collaboration product in a series of future collaboration products. GM CEO Marry Barra said GM and Honda will have more diverse technologies, designs and manufacturing strategies in the future with the aim of introducing EV products to a broader market.

Honda Prologue Honda's first electric SUV is finally officially launched

Speaking of the design, as it is still based on the Chevrolet Blazer, it is clear that the design still looks quite similar. But on the front grille, the most obvious difference is the use of Honda’s signature Solid Wing Face grille and Honda’s signature lights that you can find in other Honda cars. Interestingly, the Honda Prologue uses large 21-inch wheels with a sporty and macho 6-spoke model.

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Speaking of size, this Honda Prologue is quite large in size. This car is 4,877mm long, 1,989mm wide, 1,6443mm high and has a wheelbase of 3,093mm. The dimensions of the Honda Prologue are also much larger than the last generation Honda CR-V which carries the 7-seater concept.

Inside, while still similar to the Chevrolet Blazer EV, you can still find some Honda features. One of them is the use of a steering wheel similar to the latest Honda CR-V. Even so, the instrument cluster screen and entertainment system are still similar to the Chevrolet sibling.

Honda Prologue Honda's first electric SUV is finally officially launched

Speaking of the electric motor, battery and transmission used, there is no detailed information yet. However, the Honda Prologue will reportedly use an all-wheel drive that allows the use of 2 electric motors on the front and rear axles of this car. Likewise with what features will be presented even if some Honda Sensing radar features will be present as standard.

The plan is that the Honda Prologue EV will go on sale to consumers as early as 2024. However, Honda America’s vice president of planning and strategy, Gary Robinson, said this car could be purchased even earlier in 2023. “Looking at the growing development of buyers of electric vehicles and the dynamics of interest from the CR-V to the Prologue which has a slightly larger size., could arrive before 2024, “said Gary.

It is not yet known whether this Honda Prologue is specifically sold in the North American market or in global markets like Indonesia will get this car or not. If it enters the Indonesian market, it will certainly be an attractive option to offer Indonesian consumers in the future.

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