Honda Rebel 300 Glides exhibition in Thailand

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Rebel 300 is the brand new motorcycle launched by Honda, but only for the Thai market. – Thailand has received a new large motorcycle from Honda, namely the Rebel 300. This two-wheeled vehicle is of a medium cruiser type and has a number of details that make it appear more robust.

Reporting from Autodeft, Honda still incorporates the design of the previous version, with a wide body and a tank surface that is “connected” to the driver’s seat. While the engine compartment is made ‘naked’ and supported by a rigid frame.

Honda Rebel 300 rear view.

Honda Rebel 300 rear view. (Source:

Not only that, the Rebel 300’s headlight (main light) looks rounded with a modern mica cover. Then a pair of turn signals are also rounded off where the connection is an additional leg.

In the exhaust section there is a sleeve that looks bent, where the seat on both sides is directly connected to the fender that fills the rear wheels. In this way, the design is like a cruiser bike in general.

However, with a design that hasn’t changed much, Honda has made an update in terms of color combinations so that it looks more ferocious.

While it weighs just 165 kilograms, the fuel tank can hold up to 11.2 litres. Then for the tyres, the front measures 130/90 and the rear 15/80. While the braking system is integrated with double discs supported by single channel ABS (Antilock Braking System) technology.

Honda Rebel 300 engine.

Honda Rebel 300 engine. (Source:

Honda Rebel 300 engine and price

This fierce motorcycle uses a 300cc single-cylinder SOHC engine with a capacity of 25 horsepower and 23.8Nm of torque. The galley walkway is supported by a six-speed manual gearbox.

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In Thailand, this bike is available in two color choices i.e. black and grey. Meanwhile, the price is 146 thousand baht or the equivalent of Rp. 60 million.

Source: Autodeft


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