Honda sales in September 2022 still dominated by Brio

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Honda sales in September 2022 are still dominated by Brio
Honda sales in September 2022 are still dominated by Brio

ROCKOMOTIVE, Jakarta – Honda sales in September 2022 managed to sell 12,977 units in Indonesia, continuing the upward trend in sales in the second half of this year. Honda’s success in September also became Honda’s highest monthly retail sales record after Indonesia’s nearly 3-year Covid-19 pandemic.

Since the beginning of 2020, the impact pandemic Honda sales began to appear mainly due to restrictions on community activities and the supply of components for production. Honda’s sales began to gradually increase in 2021 and 2022, although the shortage of components still limited the supply of products to meet consumer demand which began to rise again.

Yusak Billy as Director of Business Innovation and Sales and Marketing at PT Honda Prospect Motor said: “Although they have not yet fully returned to pre-pandemic levels, Honda sales in September 2022 showed a strong trend. of growth because they are supported by the renewal of our products and community activities that are starting to return. However, the impact of the current pandemic is still quite pronounced, especially in terms of supply of components, which causes the levels of production remain unstable. Therefore, we will continue to monitor the supply conditions of the components and will do our best to satisfy all consumer requests in Indonesia as soon as possible. “

In total, Honda’s retail sales in 2022 were recorded at 88,393 units, a 29% increase over the same period last year. Honda’s sales this year were mainly supported by products such as Honda Brio, New Honda HR-V and the All New Honda BR-V, which last month once again became the largest contributor to sales for Honda.

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Last September, Honda Brio Satya managed to sell 4,950 units while Honda Brio RS 1,059 units. In total, the Honda Brio sold 41,778 units from January to September 2022. The All New Honda HR-V recorded its highest retail sales this year after garnering sales of 3,003 units.

The Honda HR-V sold 16,745 units in the period from January to September 2022. Additionally, the All New Honda BR-V again recorded its highest monthly retail sales this year, after amassing sales of 2,538 units. Since it was shipped to consumers in January of this year, the All New Honda BR-V has sold 16,915 units.

Other Honda models, notably Honda City Hatchback RS sold 615 units, New Honda CR-V up to 600 units, All New Honda Civic RS up to 70 units, New Honda Mobilio up to 61 units, All New Honda City 57 units and New Honda Accords 24 units.


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