Honda WR-V engine Do you use 1.5 liters? This is the reason for HPM

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The Honda WR-V engine adopts the new BR-V
Playing in the small SUV segment, Honda introduces a new model

ROCKOMOTIVE, Jakarta – The incorporation of the Honda WR-V engine apparently has the same specifications as the All New BR-V.

In its statement, PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), revealing why it pinned the same mechanical heart of the Low SUV.

In its launch in Jakarta some time ago, Yusak Billy, Business Innovation and Sales & Marketing Director at PT HPM explained that one of the things behind the Honda WR-V engine that uses the same type is the natural conditions in Indonesia.

“In developing this car, we conducted a lot of consumer surveys and looked at the natural conditions. So the conditions we get are very suitable for the natural conditions in Indonesia and the tastes of the consumers, “explained Yusak Billy.

On the strength of the results of a study lasting about a year, the company has finally decided to use the Honda WR-V engine like that of the All New BR-V.

In terms of specs, this 1.5-liter mechanical heart is capable of spitting out 121PS of power and 145Nm of maximum torque. The amount of energy is considered to be very sufficient to devour all natural conditions in Indonesia.

The Honda WR-V engine adopts the new BR-V
The pacemaker adopts the same as the All New BR-V

“There are various road surfaces in Indonesia, and after looking at the polls and seeing what consumers need, we have finally developed the Honda WR-V engine using 1.5 liters,” added Yusak Billy.

Not only that, as regards the platform used, apparently he also borrowed this latest small SUV model All new BR-V. This is because the shapes and sizes presented are still similar between the two.

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Meanwhile, in addition to the Honda WR-V engine which is one of the points of excellence, this model has been equipped with several excellent features. Among them is the latest Honda Sensing technology, which makes the driver safer and more comfortable while traveling.

As for the price offered to consumers, the model offered in these three variants is priced starting at Rp. 271 million. Below are the prices for DKI Jakarta OTR:

Type E CVT at the price of Rp. 271.900.000 *
CVT type RS with a price of Rp. 289.900.000 *
RS CVT type with Honda SENSING at the price of Rp. 309.900.000 *


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