Hyundai Creta launches in Malaysia, assembled from Indonesia?

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The Hyundai Creta, which will be sold in Malaysia, will reportedly have an engine, design and features similar to those of the Indonesian specification version. – Since its first appearance in the domestic market, the Hyundai Creta has stolen attention and has become a strong challenger for the Honda HR-V in the compact crossover segment. Indonesia itself is also Hyundai Creta’s largest production base and is exported to various countries. After launching in several countries, Malaysia is said to be the next country to receive the Hyundai Creta.

The Hyundai Creta which will be sold in the Malaysian market is also an assembly of the PT Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Indonesia plant.

Hyundai Creta ready to launch in Malaysia, assembled from Indonesia?

Ready for launch in the near future?

As reported by Paultan, a netizen named JJ Chang photographed the appearance of the Hyundai Creta which is reportedly ready to launch in Indonesia. In some of the leaked photos that were obtained, there is no camouflage sticker covering the entire body of the car, which makes people clearly see that this is a Hyundai Creta.

In this photo in circulation, the Hyundai Creta which is being tested on roads in Malaysia is the lower variant. This can be seen from the use of single-color wheels that measure 16 inches, which is quite simple. If you look at the specifications of the variants sold in Indonesia, the lower variant of the Hyundai Creta sold in Indonesia is the Active variant with manual transmission.

Although the signs of the presence of Hyundai Creta in the neighboring country are starting to materialize, the Hyundai ATPM in Malaysia did not want to clearly reveal the presence of a compact crossover car. However, some sources claim that the Hyundai Creta, which will soon be launched in Malaysia, is also an Indonesian assembly.

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Hyundai Creta ready to launch in Malaysia, assembled from Indonesia?

PT Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Indonesia itself has in fact become the production base of Hyundai Creta. Besides the domestic market needs, this factory is also designed as a production base which will be exported to different countries. Some countries, such as Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam, were also the first to receive this Indonesian-made Hyundai Creta.

Another novelty is that the machines used are also exactly the same as in the Indonesian market. The Smartstream G engine has a displacement of 1,500cc, 4-cylinder with 115hp of power and 144Nm of torque which transmits its power to the front wheels with a choice of 6-speed manual and automatic CVT transmission which Hyundai calls IVT is still the its main cornerstone.

And what still remains a mystery is the choice of variants that will be presented and what features will be present in this Malaysian version of the Hyundai Creta. However, even in the Malaysian version there will be some great features like Blulink and Hyundai Smart Sense which are the main flagship of Hyundai Creta in Indonesia.


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