IMOS 2022, 25 brands of motorcycles and electric motorcycles ready to revitalize the Indonesian motorcycle industry

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Pamper visitors, IMOS 2022 will present an exciting program

Jakarta, – The Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI) again held the Indonesia Motorcycle Show (IMOS) November 2-6, 2022 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Senayan, Jakarta. IMOS 2022 will be an event that will return. The president general of the AISI, Johannes Loman, expressed the optimism of the AISI in welcoming the IMOS 2022 event.

“We also believe that this IMOS will stimulate the economy and improve the motorcycle industry both this year and for years to come. Because introducing new technologies and perhaps new models will make the market better, ”Loman said.

According to Sigit Kumala, head of the commercial division of AISI and president of the organizer IMOS 2022, at IMOS 2022 there will be various discoveries in the motorcycle sector, out of a total of more than 65 brands of participants, of which 25 are motorcycle brands and 14 brands they are electric motorcycles and are also supported by various supporting industries such as tires, helmets, accessories and clothing, lubricating oil, spare parts and various other equipments.

“IMOS 2022 will always prioritize innovation for motorcyclists, presenting various products from motorcycle categories ranging from automatic motorcycles, large displacement motorcycles, electric motorcycles, motorcycle concepts and prototypes to classic and modified motorcycles by the same members of the AISI. This exhibition should meet the needs of the community, especially for motorcycles as a means of daily transportation and complement their lifestyle, ”said Sigit.

Exciting programs and promotions at IMOS 2022

In addition to showcasing the latest motorcycles and technology, various programs to pamper visitors will also be featured at IMOS 2022. Starting with programs that prioritize rider education, promotional programs that will be offered to participants, especially AISI members such as PT Astra Honda Motor, PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia, PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales, PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing, as well as to many other motorcycle brands, such as Benelli, Husqvarna, Italjet, Keeway, KTM, Royal Alloy, Royal Enfield, as well as electric motorcycles Davigo, Energica, ION Mobility, NIU, Polytron, Treeletrik, while the Smartby EV Center will exhibit the U- Winfly, Volta, ECGO, BF Goodrich, Sunrace, Bravo, Goda and I Moto.

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In addition, various supporting industries such as tires, spare parts, engine lubricants, accessories such as helmets and clothing, and various other support driving equipment.

“AISI will hold several programs to provide knowledge and instill public understanding about motorcycles, including safety riding skills and courses to continue consistency and provide riding safety education. Then there is the test ride program, which offers hands-on experience with the latest motorcycles, ”said Sigit.

In the Test Ride program, IMOS 2022 will showcase a total of over 25 units of the latest motorcycles that visitors will be able to test for themselves, including more than 12 units of electric motorcycles.

To continue consistency in providing driving safety education, IMOS will hold a driving skills and safety course, in the stage area on November 3, 2022 at 13: 00-14: 00 WIB. In addition, for visitors interested in learning the art of helmet design, IMOS 2022 will hold two special workshops during the exhibition, namely Artwork Helmet on November 4, 2022 and Learning Helmet on November 5, 2022. ‘art, the Motorcycle Photography Workshop with Smartphone on November 4th 2022.

Johannes Loman (standing) President of AISI

So the IMOS 2022 program that aims to inspire is the IMOS Garage Build (IGB). The IMOS 2022 pre-event program involves the creative industry in the field of motorcycle modification, in a competition to improve the skills of the workshop or the modification house in modifying their bikes. Under the mentor of a national scale modifier, namely Atenx from Katros Garage and RC Motogarage, the top three modifications and other modified motorcycles will be on display throughout the show in the IMOS Garage Build (IGB) area.

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The motorcycle modification community will also participate in the IMOS Moto Pick program, where 30 workshops or modification houses will exhibit their modified motorcycles, as well as determining the best motorcycles to be exhibited in the IMOS Moto Pick area, three selected motorcycles will receive the IMOS 2022 Award .

The end of IMOS 2022 also has the opportunity to win prizes of 4 AISI member motorcycles for IMOS visitors on November 2-6, 2022, including 3 motorcycles that have been modified by modifiers.

Each ticket purchase via the Auto360 Application will receive the respective unicode ticket as one of the winning conditions. Additionally, visitors to IMOS 2022 also have the opportunity to win two “Tracker” style motorcycles that have been modified by Katros Garage in the IMOS Giveaway x Katros Garage program.

Visitors who are also followers can take part in the IMOS 2022 Giveaway program starting October 26, 2022 on social media @imos_id, until the peak will be held live on November 6, 2022 in the IMOS 2022 exhibition area.


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