In Tangsel, Pertalite prices are at a premium for motorbikes, public transport, taxis and 3 wheeler garages

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TANGERANG SELATAN – As of 13 September 2020, the price of Pertalite in South Tangerang (Tangsel) is the same as Premium, at IDR 6,450.00 from IDR 7,650.00. This is one of the promotions of Pertamina MOR (Marketing Operation III) in the Blue Sky program in Tangsel as well as providing Cashback.

This promotion is valid at 38 petrol stations in South Tangerang area for consumers of PTWs, city public transport (angkot) and yellow plate taxis. Premium fuel is still available at a number of gas stations in South Tangerang, namely Pondok Cabe, Cirendeu, Rawa Buntu and Pondok Jagung, Ciputat, Pamulang and Sawah Lama.

Pertamina stated that the promotion of Pertalite price is the same as Premium price in order to improve environmental quality with clean and healthy air. This education and promotion program is a form of support to the Government under Government Regulation No. 41 of 1999 regarding the control of atmospheric pollution, which must concern all parties.

“This is also in line with the aspirations of the South Tangerang city government to create a healthy environment. Through these various promotions, we hope that the community will play an active role in using higher quality fuel, and together we can make the sky blue in South Tangerang,” said Eko Kristiawan, head of the communications unit. Reports and CSR MOR III.

The higher quality fuel has a high octane rating (research octane number/RON), making it more environmentally friendly due to low emissions. Higher quality fuel will have a positive impact on vehicle performance and will be more economical in fuel consumption because combustion in the engine room is more complete.

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Currently Pertamina sells quality fuel products:

  • Pertalite with RON 90
  • Pertamax RON 92
  • Pertamax Turbo RON 98

MyPertamina Refund

For connoisseurs of the Pertamax series at Tangsel, there is no need to be jealous of Pertalite users. 30% cashback scheme for consumers who purchase Pertamax, Pertamax Turbo and Pertamina Dex in South Tangerang using the MyPertamina application. This 30% cashback is valid for up to IDR 10,000/account during the promotional period. This promotion period runs until the end of September 2020. [Idr]



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