In view of Lebaran’s return home, Suzuki prepares 65 standby workshops

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Providing the best customer service, Suzuki features a spare workshop during Lebaran’s return home

Jakarta, – To welcome Eid al-Fitr 1444 H, PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) is preparing to bring back the Suzuki Standby Workshop program which will accompany the journeys back home to make it safer and more comfortable. Suzuki Standby Workshops are located at 65 points spread across the islands of Sumatra, Java and Bali that can be used by customers returning home using the land route.

Hariadi, Service Assistant The head of PT SIS in Jakarta recently explained that SIS wants to offer customers comfort and safety on their journey back home Eid. Therefore, SIS presents Standby Suzuki Workshops which are scattered along the way back home.

“Customers don’t have to worry if their vehicle has problems, because Suzuki Standby Workshop is ready to help with quick and easy vehicle repair services and is backed by reliable technicians ready to take care of the technical needs of Suzuki cars and motorcycles,” He explained.

This year’s Suzuki Workshop Program will be present along the Sumatra-Java-Bali route with 55 Standby Car Workshops and 10 Standby Suzuki Motorcycle Workshops. This Suzuki Standby Workshop will start working and can be used by customers from April 19 to April 27, 2023 for 12 hours a day, and especially for the 29 Car Workshop outlets, some of them will work 24 hours.

Customers will be served directly by experienced technicians and spare parts workers to support technical activities. Customers who take advantage of the Suzuki Standby Workshop program will receive 23 free items of vehicle inspection service and in accordance with Suzuki standards. If necessary, vehicle repairs and replacement of spare parts can also be carried out directly at the Suzuki Standby Workshop.

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In addition, customers can also enjoy other facilities such as a comfortable rest room equipped with ta’jil and snacks, prayer room, children’s corner, and customers can even get souvenirs for free. Of course, the cleanliness of the premises is also guaranteed, so customers need not worry when visiting the Standby Suzuki Workshop.

For Suzuki vehicle owners who experience roadside emergency conditions, such as a flat tire or engine trouble but are away from the Suzuki Standby workshop location, they can take advantage of the Suzuki Emergency Roadside Assistant (SERA) service. Using this service, Suzuki car owners can get towing services and car servicing. Especially for customers who are still in the warranty period or under 3 years can get towing services for free.

According to Hariadi, safety and comfort when traveling back and forth are paramount, so Suzuki will support him through the presence of the Suzuki Standby Workshop. “We hope Suzuki and SERA Workshop Alert programs can provide a sense of calm and comfort to our customers when they travel back and forth on Eid. We are ready to provide the best service to our customers.” Hariadi closed.

For more information on Suzuki Alert Workshop and SERA services, please contact Halo Suzuki at 0800-1100-800. Customers can also get information about Siaga workshop through Suzuki website and official Instagram @suzuki_id


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